The $3.99 Trader Joe's Find I Am THRILLED To Discover

It’s a delicious lifesaver.

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Simply Recipes / Getty Images

Some days I spend all day going through the corrections for my latest cookbook, wearing out my brain. Other days I write three stories and spend an hour manning the door at play practice to fulfill “family volunteer hours” at my son’s school. When dinnertime rolls around, I'm mentally and physically exhausted.

And I’m not just tired—I don’t have enough time to make a from-scratch meal and then get my kiddo to gymnastics practice on time.

If we're lucky to have leftovers, I'll warm some up. Most often we don't and that’s why I was absolutely thrilled to discover Trader Joe’s Chicken Meatballs, the ultimate meal for when I just can't.

Why I Love Trader Joe’s Chicken Meatballs

My husband and son both adore spaghetti and meatballs, and they will eat any kind of meatballs. I will too, but I absolutely cannot stand a lot of premade meatballs. They contain preservatives, soy fillers, and low-quality Parmesan cheese. When they’re warmed up in the microwave or on the stove, even their smell makes me gag.

Trader Joe’s Chicken Meatballs, on the other hand, contain absolutely no fillers—just meat and seasonings—and they taste delicious.

The meatballs are also gluten-free, and they’re made from chicken raised without antibiotics. They’re lean, meaty, and seasoned with a blend of Italian herbs. Because the seasoning is light and not overpowering, you can serve them pretty much any way you desire.

A package of about 14 meatballs (12 ounces) costs $3.99. One package has four servings, or one serving for a famished teenager. I make two packages at once so my husband and I can also enjoy dinner, and then there are enough leftovers for my son's lunch thermos.

<p>Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph</p>

Simply Recipes / Laurel Randolph

How I Serve Trader Joe’s Chicken Meatballs

I often warm up the chicken meatballs with a marinara sauce and serve them with spaghetti, but they’re also perfect for quick meatball sub sandwiches. Either way, it’s a quick dinner or lunch, especially if you pair it with a bagged salad.

I’ve tossed them in sour cream, beef stock, Worcestershire sauce, and nutmeg to turn them into Swedish meatballs, and I’ve also skewered and brushed them with jam to make an easy appetizer. I threw a couple of packages into my crockpot with crushed pineapple, barbecue sauce, and dehydrated onions to take to a potluck. They were an absolute hit.

You could do something similar with a can of cranberry sauce and a slow cooker, too. Next, I’m going to try them stuffed into pitas with tzatziki sauce, cucumbers, and hummus for a Mediterranean-style sandwich.

These chicken meatballs are just so good and easy, and they're great to have on hand when you're desperate to get something on the table.

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