Charging You A Subscription Just To Use Your Printer And 35 Other Things That Aren't Illegal But 10000% Should Be

1.Printing "now on Netflix!" on book covers:

Cover of Andrzej Sapkowski's book "The Witcher: The Last Wish" with a "Now on Netflix" sticker
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2.Having a mandatory hotel mini-bar that A) takes up a ton of desk space and B) literally charges you if you even move any of the items:

Hotel room minibar with assorted snacks and drinks including Pepsi, M&M's, Reese's, gummy bears, Pringles, water bottles, and protein bars displayed on a black desk
Eagle4523 / Via

3.The crotch size on shorts these days:

A hand holds a piece of ripped white fabric with visible seams and frayed edges
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4.Packaging like this:

Two packaged raw sausages in a plastic tray, one image with a lid and one without, showing a finger pointing to a sausage. Labels have Italian text
u/Sa_Goobi_To_Yr_Lif / Via

5.Your credit score going down after paying off loans:

Line graph showing data from February 2024 to May 2024, with values: 808, 828, 838, and 753. May 2024 shows a significant drop
u/OsrsMaxman / Via

6.Doing this as a customer:

Stacks of folded shirts on a store display, with a plastic sushi tray placed on top of some shirts
u/vrrroomvrrroom / Via

7.Requiring a printer ink subscription in addition to actually buying ink:

Two images: Left shows a printer error about requiring a subscription for ink. Right offers ink subscription plans ranging from 10 to 300 pages per month
u/fiftyfourseventeen / Via

8.This nonsense:

Scotiabank online account details showing a Scotia Mortgage with a $1.00 principal balance and a monthly payment summary including various charges
u/LankyGuitar6528 / Via

9.Along with this even more nonsense-y nonsense:

Text message conversation. Summarized text: Only existing clients using insurance can continue, new clients need to pay out-of-pocket
u/Ok-Personality8757 / Via

10.The host changing the price of an Airbnb after you've already booked it:

Screen showing requested changes for a stay at "Cozy Apartment-Minutes to Do" from May 24–26 for 5 guests. New price is $671.65, previously $354.14
u/Conor5050 / Via

11.Having minimum donation amounts:

A webpage with a donation form prompts, "You must make a donation of at least $15.00." Options include donation amounts of $25, $50, $75, $100, and $250
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12.Subtitles not translating dialogue in a non-English language:

Man in a suit, conversing in Spanish with subtitles indicating "both conversing in Spanish."
u/donomitee / Via

13.Saving seats with a single shoe on a holiday:

Blue lounge chairs poolside. One chair has sandals placed on it. No people are present in the image
u/Ambitious_Ad9589 / Via

14.Apps blasting you with notifications because you're not paying for them:

Phone screen showing multiple Ring app notifications about motion detected at the front door. There are 11 notifications displayed
u/Mike_Oxlong25 / Via

15.Deducting money from your pay because it's a direct deposit:

View of a paycheck showing gross pay of $538.13 with deductions for Social Security, Medicare, and direct deposit fee, leaving a net pay of $494.97
u/Gethaine / Via

16.This terrible money-raising stunt that I would legitimately lead a mass protest over:

Poster with the title "STOP THE MUSIC!" featuring a cartoon shark and text about signing up to halt Baby Shark song, with a redacted signup line and a QR code
u/LuckyLMJ / Via

17.Having to pay more to fix Apple products than to get a new one:

iMessage conversation showing the cost to repair AirPods at $250.11, more than buying new ones, with no explanation from Apple
u/ZaagKicks / Via

18.Locking app features for a super expensive tech item behind a paywall:

A baby is sleeping in a crib on a patterned blanket. The screen shows options for sound, camera, and settings. Text below offers live breathing and sleep tracking with Miku Membership
u/bshotto1213 / Via

19.Replacing glass fridges with this nonsense:

QR codes displayed on multiple refrigerator doors. Instructions advise using a phone camera to scan the QR codes to start the setup process
u/PaleBlueDotEnthused / Via

20.Everything the IRS does, but especially miscalculating your taxes and then charging you interest because of THEIR mistake:

Summary of a bill showing a balance of $850.41 due by May 27, 2024, resulting from misapplied payments totaling $720 and other charges of $130.41. Instructions provided
u/altonbrownie / Via

21.Selling this bundle of wood as a coffee table:

Wooden table with multiple slats and black straps on display in a furniture store. A price tag shows "IRMA 1,799." Two purple sofas are in the background
u/obiedge / Via

22.This work requirement that makes me feel like we're living in a dystopia:

Notice titled "Attention All Staff" stating employees must be reachable via cellphone even when not working or face termination after 2 write-ups
u/Beneficial_Stock9235 / Via

23.Providing a link for parents via a print-out:

Flyer titled "A Day with Mrs. Claus: Spend a morning in Santa's Workshop" listing games, crafts, cookies, and letters to Santa. A registration link is provided
u/qtrain23 / Via

24.The size difference between women's and men's pockets:

Two pairs of jeans lying on a flat surface, showing the labels and inner tags detailing Levi's Premium and sustainability information
u/Suspicious_Salad_864 / Via

25.Just everything Netflix is currently doing:

A TV screen displays text stating that the TV isn't part of the user's Netflix household, with options to create an account, update the household, or indicate traveling
u/Ihatemylife8 / Via

26.Like, how is this okay???:

Text conversation between a customer and Netflix Customer Service discussing account sharing. Customer is told that devices outside the household require an extra member at $8/month
u/dallatorretdu / Via

27.Labeling an item on "sale" when it's actually not marked down at all:

A display shows wiper blades on clearance for $10, discounted from $19.99. Right side shows a hand holding a $10 price tag
u/864FastAsfBoy / Via

28.As well as this trickery:

Amazon Basics Upholstered Tufted Storage Ottoman was $69.08 on July 10th and is now $69.08 with a 37% off Prime Day deal on July 11th
u/QuickWrenn / Via

29.Filling packaged food up only this much:

A hand holding an opened bag of Magic Spoon Cocoa Grain-Free Cereal next to the cereal box. The box highlights it has 0g sugars, 4g net carbs, and 13g protein
u/Mean_Praline / Via

30.Blocking the "no tip" option while asking for payment at a restaurant:

A credit card terminal displays a payment amount of $20.95. A finger hovers near the keypad with various tip percentage options visible on the screen
u/reddit_Lemur / Via

31.Delivery drivers' tomfoolery:

Two images show a UPS delivery notice and a handwritten note saying, "I am home! Please knock. Thank you." Text showing the tracking number is redacted
u/NeevBunny / Via

32.Whatever the heck is going on with this company and its lack of photos:

  u/ShaiHuludTheMaker / Via
u/ShaiHuludTheMaker / Via

33.Being forced to speak to support bots instead of actual people when you're having issues with your bank:

A chat conversation where a person repeatedly says "Hello" and asks twice why there is a $20 annual fee on their newly activated credit card
u/Whackatoe / Via

34.Password requirements these days:

Password requirements: at least 12 characters, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 digit, no username, no 3+ identical consecutive characters, no breached passwords, not one of the last 24 passwords
u/Cherfinch / Via

35.Charging customers for health insurance for restaurant workers, instead of A) just raising prices or B) just actually spending a little extra money on employee health insurance themselves:

Restaurant receipt showing a meal for two guests. Total of $137 before tax and tip. Suggested tip amounts provided. Hours: Wed-Sun 5pm-10pm
u/derek139 / Via

36.And finally, there not being an edit option on Microsoft Teams:

A text message reads: "You took out the one that was thrown out from your cunt?" with a laughing emoji and the reply "COUNT."
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