37 Stupid People Who Woke Up, Sat Down, And Proceeded To Write Some Of The Most Wildly Incorrect Things I Have Ever Read

1.This parent was really, REALLY wrong about what the slang "salty" means, and should probably get their mind out of the gutter.

A shirt that says "kinda salty"
u/Curious_Bar348 / Via

2.This parent was also wrong in so many ways.

"One is water pistol and the other is a Christmas tree ornament"
u/Affectionate_Gas_264 / Via

3.I hope the person who sat down and typed, "it's not like there's a place called Spania full of Spanish *people*" was trolling.

"But like Spanish is a language"
u/WhoAmIEven2 / Via

4.You gotta love when someone is so swiftly and completely proven wrong.

"D-Day was delayed by a day because of the weather"
u/NoLifeLine / Via

5.This person thought Mount Everest was in South Dakota.

"it's in South Dakota"
u/KlassyKlutz / Via

6.This person might want to open a dictionary.

A list of words with two p's
u/Ax0l0tlMil01234 / Via

7.Along with this person.

"Don't be a hooligan"
/[deleted] / Via

8.This person got a little confused about flags.

"Bro has the confederate flag on top"
u/Ehrenlauch3000 / Via

9.This person was reallyyyyy wrong about what a hamburger was.

u/veronikaklein / Via

10.This person thought eggs were dairy.

"Please don't list a recipe as non dairy showing it calls for 8 eggs"
u/what-a-doric / Via

11.In case you didn't know..."reed" is not the past tense of "read." Neither is "red."

"isn't it reed?"
u/dachshundTV / Via

12.What school did this person go to???

"Do you seriously think different sexes have different numbers of ribs?"
u/Some1Special21 / Via

13.Maybe leave scientific terms to scientists and doctors if you have absolutely no idea what they mean.

"You don't know what mRNA is do you?"
u/whenitpours3 / Via

14.The person who sent this article may go down in history as one of the "most wrong people ever."

"and they were all people from India."
u/Ill_Earth8585 / Via

15.This person forgot about other languages.

"We get it, sir, you think you're descended from uber-white Vikings."
u/SatisfyingExclam / Via

16.This person needs to take a geography class.

"Lmfao bro said South Africa"
u/1Hate17Here / Via

17.Same with this person.

"It's unheard of elsewhere."
u/b00tsc00ter / Via

18.Aaaand this person.

"Morocco is in Africa."
u/Oddelfmagic / Via

19.I don't think this person has ever had a sex ed lesson in their life.

"it swims until it hits a wall and then seeps into her flesh."
u/NeverEndingWalker64 / Via

20.Neither has this person.

"Your cerebral spinal fluid is SEMEN."
u/mydiversion / Via

21.*Ben Wyatt voice* I don't even have time to explain how wrong you are. Actually, it's gonna bug me if I don't...

"The clit isn't a physical thing."
u/mydiversion / Via

22.TIL about "Big Paleo"...which is definitely not a thing.

"We will win this!"
u/owzleee / Via

23.These people were both wrong.

"the irony that you're both wrong"
u/RealSuPraa / Via

24.The second person here really wanted to look smart, but ended up being dead wrong.

u/Sanghelic / Via

25....Yeah, that's not right, bud.

"It's a scientific fact, search it up"
u/hetty147 / Via


"Well firstly, it's not called melonin, it's called melatonin"
u/endless_n4meless / Via

27.This person got some classic lyrics very, very wrong.

u/Robotchickjenn / Via

28.This person was real confused about compasses and directions.

"Yknow compasses are different depending where you live"
u/Easy_Understanding94 / Via

29.This person thought rubber trees were fake trees made of rubber.

"That's a Rubber tree."
u/romeovf / Via

30.This person who refused to believe a dozen=12 is really dying on the wrong hill.

"How you bake but can't count?"
u/thetermagant / Via

31.This person was also have a little trouble with math.

"2023 to 2013 10 years"
u/sandiercy / Via

32.This person thought ducks aren't birds.

"ducks are birds sir..."
u/Organic_Valuable_610 / Via

33.This person seemed to think Tesla was founded by Nikola Tesla himself.

"He didn't make the company."
u/Dutch_Midget / Via

34.This person thought plants don't produce oxygen.

"Bro forgot about oxygen"
u/_Ravenpaw_ / Via

35.This parent, who told their kid's babysitter that epilepsy medication was a crutch and that you could stop seizures by sheer will, was just wrong in so many ways.

"Yeah, I took my epilepsy medication."
u/Pumkin32465 / Via

36.This person made a really head-scratching statement.

"cow milk is literally made for baby cows"
u/Jacked_Shrimp / Via

37.And finally, I am actually in shock that anyone thought humans were the first animals to eat red meat. Where did they learn this?

"Dont exactly know tbh."
u/MickeySwank / Via