4 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Summer, According to Designers

Easy and breezy is the aim.



Summer is almost here. It’s time for open windows, cool breezes, and bright colors. So if your home is looking a little wintery, it might be time to mix things up. Fortunately, getting your home ready for the summer doesn’t have to be a lot of work or cost as much as a weekend at a seaside resort. Here are four easy summer decor ideas to give your home a fresh look for the warmer months ahead.

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Swap Out Your Bed Sheets

According to HomeGoods style expert Jenny Reimold, one of the best places to start your summer refresh is the bedroom. “Bedding is the unsung hero of the bedroom and is an easy yet impactful fix," she explains. "Instead of rehauling the entire bedroom space, simply focus on the bedding for a new look," she says. If you tend to sleep hot, consider some of our favorite cooling bed sheets.

Then layer your bedding. Reimold suggests using a set that has lines, along with a textured comforter and shams. Start with a base of light bed sheets, then layer on the comforter and other pieces in case the AC gets a little too chilly in the middle of the night.

Refresh Your Throw Pillows

Nancy Evars of Evars Collective and Decorate by Nancy Evars tells me swapping out throw pillows and other accessories is another way to give your home a quick refresh. “Summer is the perfect time to change out pillows, throws, and accessories to brighter and lighter fabrics," the designer says. Just re-accessorizing your sofa with new throw pillows can make a big difference.

Don’t have extra space to store your off-season pillows? Just swap out the pillow covers and keep the same inserts from season to season. Bonus points: wash the pillow inserts before switching up the covers.

Replace Those Heavy Winter Curtains

There’s something refreshing about a breeze coming through an open window during the warmer months. But it’s hard to feel a breeze when your windows are adorned with heavy curtains and drapes. Swapping out those textiles for lighter materials or sheer neutral-colored curtains is easy to do yourself. While custom curtains can be costly, Amazon has plenty of inexpensive choices that can instantly bring a room from winter to summer.

Make It Lush

HomeGoods style expert Ursula Carmona recommends adding some new plants to your outdoor spaces. Not a gardening aficionado? Faux plants can work just as well. “Create an experience for guests in an outdoor space by filling it with faux and real plants for a lush look that’s low maintenance. My favorite DIY hack is re-planting faux plants into hanging planters and planter boxes," she says. Mixing both real and faux plants makes it harder to decipher the fake plants from the real deal.

To add visual interest to your plant collections (both indoors and outside), introduce plant stands so that plants are set at different levels. “To create more dimension, lift some of those stylish planters up off the ground and give them the attention they deserve! Place on top of wooden decorative stools for an elevated look that doubles as a multi-purpose side table in your outdoor space," says Carmona.

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