These 5 Celebrity Beauty Brands Are the Most Popular "Gworls" of the World

It's no secret that we're in the era of celebrity beauty brands. Over time the amount of A-listers launching skincare, haircare, body care and fragrance brands has drastically increased since the late '90s to throughout the 2000s. Every week there is another celeb launching a brand that it becomes overwhelming to keep up with. This can also be defeating, especially for independent brands trying to establish themselves in the market.

If you're looking for the top of the top celeb brands to invest your hard-earned coins into, a study from Fresha has determined which celebrity beauty brands are the most popular at the moment. They analyzed different factors such as the frequency of searches for each brand, the number of followers on Instagram, the number of TikTok videos mentioning the brand and the number of views for the brand's hashtags on TikTok.

Keep reading on for the top five brands that are the world's most sought-after.

Rare Beauty — Selena Gomez

Beauty Score: 94.58 out of 100.
Instagram Followers: 6.1 million
TikTok Views: 6 billion
Monthly Global Searches: 621,500

Kylie Cosmetics – Kylie Jenner

Beauty score: 88.42 out of 100.
Instagram Followers: 25.6 million
TikTok Views: 2 billion
Monthly Global Searches: 246,000

Fenty Beauty – Rihanna

Beauty Score: 86.3 out of 100.
Instagram Followers:12.6 Million
TikTok Views: 3 Billion
Monthly Global Searches: 40,265

Florence by Mills – Millie Bobby Brown


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Beauty Score: 84.64 out of 100
Instagram Followers: 3.3 million
TikTok Views: 1 billion
Monthly Global Searches: 292,300

r.e.m beauty – Ariana Grande


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Beauty Score: 75.62 out of 100
Instagram Followers: 1.8 million
TikTok Views:1 billion
Monthly Global Searches: 184,000