5 Facts About the World's Largest McDonald's

Aerial photo of McDonald's in Orlando, including drive-thru and parking lot
The world's largest McDonald's restaurant is located in Orlando, Florida. Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock

Let's face it: The standard McDonald's menu in the United States of America does not have much in the way of variety. Not that there's anything wrong with burgers and chicken sandwiches, but worldwide the franchise has gotten creative with rice bowls, pasta and an array of spices to flavor the french fries.

But there's one thing the U.S. can brag about when it comes to the fast food eatery: It's home to the world's largest McDonald's, a unique restaurant that isn't just huge. It also offers entertainment and an expansive menu.

Read on to learn five facts about the impressive location.

1. It's Near Disney World

If you're visiting Disney in Orlando, Florida, you can easily drop in at the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's (the restaurant's official name) at 6875 Sandlake Road.

If you're also visiting Universal Studios Orlando, then you're in luck because the Epic McD (a nickname for the McDonald's restaurant) is even closer to this theme park.

2. It's 19,000 Square Feet (1,765 Square Meters)

The biggest McDonald's location in the country is three stories high and 19,000 square feet. An oversized waving Ronald McDonald on the building's facade welcomes visitors to the restaurant.

While it currently holds the world's biggest McDonald's title, it's not the largest one to ever exist.

There was once a 29,135-square-foot (2,707-square-meter) McDonald's in Vinita, Oklahoma. Despite its size, the restaurant couldn't accommodate as many customers as other locations, according to The Oklahoman.

3. It Features Unique Menu Items

If you're feeling like Belgian waffles or a brick oven pizza or a cheesesteak, then you might find this McDonald's menu intriguing, especially if you want to build your own pizza or pasta dish. (FYI, the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's serves pasta with a side of garlic bread.)

For those with a sweet tooth, you can also find cheesecake and chocolate cake as well as a dessert bar. Yes, we said dessert bar — are you hungry yet?

World's Best McDonald's?

Of course, it's difficult to measure which of the many, many McDonald's has the best food, but that didn't stop chef Gareth Ward, who has a Michelin-starred eatery, from crowning a champion out of all the McDonald's restaurants.

According to the chef, you'll find the best McDonald's in Welshpool, Wales. "It's just absolutely smashing it," Ward said. "Everybody I speak to says this is, by far, the best McDonald's in the world."

4. There's Plenty of Entertainment

After you eat your burger and fries, you can entertain yourself by playing arcade games. And for kids, there's a play place, which is noteworthy since the play areas are no longer as prevalent as they once were.

5. It's Open 24 Hours

The restaurant, which takes orders through the McDonald's app, is open 24/7. You can eat inside the restaurant or pick up your food through the drive-thru.

Now That's Interesting

The World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's is not the only Mickey D's destination worth a visit. In Chicago at the Global Menu Restaurant, you can try items from menus around the world. The 6,000-square-foot (557-square-meter) location features foods from Spain (Goat Cheese Burger), Canada (Egg BLT McMuffin), Japan (Matcha Green Tea McFlurry) and other McDonald's locations worldwide.

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