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Wully Outerwear Doe Parka

Wully Outerwear was founded by Toronto Argonauts linebacker James Yurichuk. The athlete's mission, besides making totally awesome and warm parkas, is to challenge the idea that we don't need animal fur or feathers to stay warm. The company is based in Toronto and designs and produces all products locally, which helps reduce their carbon footprint. Parkas are insulated with Primaloft and retain 98 per cent of their heat retention when wet, compared to goose down which retains 0 per cent. The Doe Parka, inspired by the elegance of a wild deer, is lined with 100 per cent microfiber suede. Yurichuk donates $10 dollars of each jacket sold to The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals. The jackets are available for pre-order online and ship this month.

5 super warm and stylish cruelty free parkas

Fur and feathers belong on animals, not humans. With so many humane and eco-friendly synthetic fibers readily available to keep us cozy all winter long there is no excuse to purchase parkas stuffed with goose feathers or lined with coyote fur trim. Don't be fooled by "ethically sourced" feathers or "fur policies" — these are not real things. If you don't want to contribute to this cruel industry check out these stylish animal-free parkas.

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