5 unexpected things you can grill at your next backyard barbecue


Turn off that stove, because BBQ season is upon us! But there’s more to grilling than burgers, hot dogs and corn. Here are five unexpected things that prove you can BBQ anything if you put your mind to it! Fire it up!


Grilled Lettuces [Photo: Less With Bread]

I know you’re probably thinking, “ew, who wants to eat warm lettuce” but trust me: slicked up with olive oil and infused with the smoky taste of the bbq, you’ll never look at salad the same way again!

Get the recipe from: Less With Bread


Grilled Clams [Photo: Half Baked Harvest ]

Grilled fish is always a hit and shrimps are a surefire crowdpleaser but what about grilled shellfish? Throw caution to the wind and try grilling clams or mussels for a smoky, briny treat.

Get the recipe from: Half Baked Harvest


Grilled Avocado Bruschetta [Photo: Heavenlynn Healthy ]

Grilled avocados will change your life. Creamy, charred perfection to give another level of flavour to salads or toast. Or even better, fill the centers with fresh tomato bruschetta! (Pro tip: grill the tomatoes too for extra-smoky flavour).

Get the recipe from: Heavenlynn Healthy


Grilled Pizza [Photo: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe ]

If you thought that pizza (the world’s greatest food) couldn’t get any better, well it just did. Throwing pizza on the grill gets you as close to the taste of a woodfire oven as possible - right at home! It’s like a taste of Naples! But in your own backyard.

Get the recipe from: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe


Grilled Polenta [Photo: Brooklyn Supper]

Polenta is such a versatile, budget-friendly grain - in the winter you can eat it creamy topped with hearty braised meat, and in the summer completely transformed into a fancy summer appetizer! Best of all, you can buy pre-packaged tubes to cut down on mess and prep!

Get the recipe from: Brooklyn Supper

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