50 British Royal Family quiz questions and answers

Sometimes there's nothing we love more than a good quiz. Settling down with a drink and proving you know more than your mates is always a good feeling, and if there's prizes involved too, then we're always keen. And there's one subject area we feel we know a LOT about - the British Royal Family.

They're a permanent fixture in our lives, constantly on the TV and in the news, so by now we'd say we're pretty much experts when it comes to royal traditions and facts.

So if you think you're a certified royal expert or just want to test your British Royal Family knowledge, then we've devised a British Royal Family quiz with 50 questions all about the world's most famous family.

royal family quiz
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King Charles quiz questions

  1. When is King Charles' birthday?

  2. Where did King Charles attend university?

  3. What is the date of King Charles' coronation?

  4. How many times had King Charles and Princess Diana meet before getting married?

  5. Which three musical instruments has King Charles played?

  6. In which supermarket is Charles' organic food brand sold?

  7. Where did King Charles and Camilla's wedding take place?

  8. What is the name of the charity King Charles founded in 1976?

  9. In what year did King Charles and Princess Diana divorce?

  10. How many grand children does King Charles have?

King Charles quiz answers

  1. 14th November

  2. University of Cambridge

  3. 6th May 2023

  4. 13 times

  5. Cello, piano and trumpet

  6. Waitrose

  7. Windsor Guildhall

  8. The Prince's Trust

  9. 1996

  10. Five - George, Charlotte, Louis, Archie and Lilibet

royal family quiz
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Prince William and Kate Middleton quiz questions

  1. Where did Prince William and Kate Middleton meet?

  2. What is the date of William and Kate's wedding?

  3. Who designed Kate's wedding dress?

  4. What is the name of Kate and William's dog?

  5. What unusual gift did William buy Kate when they were first dating?

  6. Where did the couple go on honeymoon?

  7. Which fantasy TV show did the couple say was one of their favourites in 2019?

  8. How many siblings does Kate have?

  9. What is the name of the mental health campaign, that brings together eight mental health charities, the couple championed?

  10. When did Prince William serve as an air ambulance pilot?

Prince William and Kate Middleton quiz answers

  1. University of St Andrews, whilst both studying there

  2. 29th April 2011

  3. Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen

  4. Orla

  5. A pair of binoculars

  6. The Seychelles

  7. Game of Thrones

  8. Two - Pippa and James

  9. Heads Together

  10. 2015 to 2017

royal family quiz
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quiz questions

  1. Where did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have their first date?

  2. What meal were they cooking when Harry proposed?

  3. On what date did the couple announce their engagement?

  4. What was the name of the TV series Meghan had a lead role in before becoming a member of the Royal Family?

  5. What titles were the couple given prior to their wedding?

  6. What is the name of the cottage the couple lived in in Windsor?

  7. When was their first child Archie born?

  8. When they announced they were stepping back from the Royal Family what was their exit nicknamed?

  9. Where do the couple currently live?

  10. What is the title of Prince Harry's autobiography released earlier this year?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quiz answers

  1. Soho House in London

  2. A roast chicken

  3. 27th November 2017

  4. Suits

  5. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

  6. Frogmore Cottage

  7. 6th May 2019

  8. Megxit

  9. Montecito, California

  10. Spare

royal family quiz traditions
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Royal Family traditions and rules quiz questions

  1. On average how many Christmas cards would the Queen send out each year?

  2. Where does the Royal Family tend to celebrate Christmas?

  3. In which month does the monarch open Parliament each year?

  4. What board game did The Queen reportedly ban the family from playing?

  5. What outfit must each member of the family always pack with them when travelling?

  6. At what age is Prince George not allowed to fly in a plane with his father, Prince William?

  7. What flower is always present in royal bridal bouquets?

  8. According to legend, how many ravens must live at the Tower of London?

  9. What common food ingredient is banned for royal occasions?

  10. What gift did the Queen give her staff every Christmas?

Royal Family traditions quiz answers

  1. 750 cards

  2. Sandringham, Norfolk

  3. May

  4. Monopoly

  5. A black outfit

  6. After the age of 12 to follow the rules in which two heirs cannot travel on a plane together

  7. Myrtle

  8. Six

  9. Garlic

  10. A Christmas pudding

royal family quiz
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Royal Family residences quiz questions

  1. What is the oldest royal residence in Britain?

  2. Which castle or palace serves as the official residence of the monarch?

  3. What is the name of the official royal residence in Edinburgh?

  4. Where did the Queen like to spend her summers every year?

  5. What is the name of Princess Anne's estate?

  6. In which London borough is Clarence House situated?

  7. In which palace did Princess Diana live?

  8. Where does Prince Edward live?

  9. In 1982 which of the royal residences was broken into?

  10. Which royal residence suffered a terrible fire in 1992?

Royal Family residences quiz answers

  1. Windsor Castle

  2. Buckingham Palace

  3. Palace of Holyroodhouse

  4. Balmoral Castle

  5. Gatcombe Park

  6. City of Westminster

  7. Kensington Palace

  8. Bagshot Park in Surrey

  9. Buckingham Palace

  10. Windsor Castle

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