50 Pictures People Who Have Never Worked In A Restaurant Will Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever Understand

1. The award-winning acting performances:

Twitter: @pandosnaujoke

2.Who the chef really is:

A tweet by Sara (@sara_weaver72) humorously commenting on customers saying "compliments to the chef," mentioning that their cook, Tyler, is a 19-year-old novice

3.The cornucopia of nicknames:

Text on image: "Did you know that if you go to a restaurant a lot and order the same thing that the servers 100% have a nickname for you based on that?"

4.The highest quality speakers:

Twitter: @thaeox

5.Your real hours:

6.The eternal struggle:

7.Sweet revenge:


8.The horror...THE HORROR:

9.Those age-gap friendships:

10.Where the real gossip goes down:

fork napkin station

11.Line cooks in a nutshell:

12.The gnarliest mat in existence:

bar mat

13. The most extreme sport:

Twitter: @JustSarahJay

14.The real meaning of "sorry":

Stephanie tweeted: "Said ‘sorry for the wait’ to customer today and she turned around and said ‘no you’re not’. You know what you’re right."

15.Kindred spirits:

16.What actually goes down:

17.The least welcome version of small talk:

18.Free therapy:

19.The disrespect:

person saying i'm not the other server from last time so i won't do that

20.The most hateful meal:


21.The dumbest three words in the English language:

22.Restaurants in a nutshell:

Screenshot of social media post: Kellen's tweet about dumping fries on the floor after getting small fries instead of two large ones. Aleshakills' comment about customer behavior

23.What the job interview should be:

24.The intense heat:

tweet reading one thing i deffo don't miss about waitressing is when you'er carrying boiling plates n get to the table and nobody remembers what they ordered

25.The universal truth:

Top image: Animated character asks, "I don't smoke cigarettes, when do I get a break?" Bottom image: Another animated character replies, "That's the neat part, you don't."
u/boozetraveler / Via reddit.com

26.The worst pain:

Text post by mariana Z (@mariana057) reading: "Me: I have a cut under my fingernail. Universe: Excellent, I will send you an unusually high number of encounters with citrus fruit."

27.The devastation:

Image of a tea dispenser with a humorous text that reads: "No matter how bad of a day you're having, someone, somewhere just started brewing tea with the nozzle wide open and walked away without knowing."

28.That dumb little walk:

Tweet about the awkward walk people do when the floor is being mopped to show they are sorry for stepping on it

29.The uselessness of signs:

facebook comment reading no matter how big you make the sign they won't read it

30.The simple timetable:

tweet reading okay when dining out it's this simple 30 minutes til kitchen close go ahead order in 15 minutes takeout is rude 10 minutes before you can go somewhere else you fuck face

31.Those wonderful greetings:

32.The true meaning:

33.The true horror of seeing this:

reddit.com / Via u/lukewarmlatte
reddit.com / Via u/lukewarmlatte

34.The generational difference:

35.Like, c'mon:

36.The casual verbal abuse:

Anna tweet reads: "Why do customers give ya actual verbal abuse for ten mins straight then go 'I know it’s not you, it’s not your fault.' Yeh I know it’s not."

37.The totally reasonable asks:

38.The fight to remember:

meme of a man struggling that reads me trying to remember why i'm in the walk-in

39.The funniest joke you hear every single day:

tweet reading me to customer can i get you anything customer a million dollars me not laughing

40.Come on, now:

Tweet from Squiddy Shades. Conversation between a waiter and Boomer, with a Spongebob scene where Mr. Krabs looks worried and Patrick laughs

41. How to really train someone:

Twitter: @whatt_a_waste

42.The hardest lie to tell:

tumblr post reading if you're ever somewhere past closing time and an employee says it's no problem take your time they're lying through their fucking teeth

43.The true stupidity of Earth:

44.Those very normal moments:

meme of spongebob and patrick dancing and it says a customer we haven't noticed yet next to them

45.The reasonable requests:

Twitter: @lucia_attanasio

46.The natural progression of events:

47.Shifts from the grave:

48.Newbees versus old vets:


49.What would happen:

Tweet: "Not lost on me that most service workers could hop in any desk job and do a passable day's work but most office people could not last a single shift in a restaurant or bar with any real customer volume."

50.And the honest truth:

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