17 Photos Of People's Grocery Carts That'll Either Make You Say "Yikes" Or "I Wish I Could Get All That For $50"

We all need to eat, but in recent years, it has sometimes felt like our grocery stores and food brands are actively working against us to keep us nourished.

A person pushes a shopping cart up a red arrow, over stacks of coins with dollar symbols, symbolizing rising costs
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And it's not just a feeling, but a fact — from 2019 to 2023, food prices rose by 25%, surpassing overall inflation of 19% during the same period. In one survey, consumers cited food prices as their primary economic concern.

Anecdotally speaking, I have found it is sometimes cheaper for me to order pre-made meal delivery rather than buying all the ingredients myself (it's also more convenient, but that's another story). Sometimes, I even find DoorDash is cheaper, which is willldddd.

A supermarket shelf is filled with various brands of instant noodles, rice sides, and soup stocks, with price tags visible on each item
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Curious about how groceries cost across the country, I fell into a rabbit hole on r/whatsinyourcart, a subreddit where people share their groceries, often alongside their bills and where they bought them.

I decided to round up all the best ~approximately~ $50 entries I could find from this year to see how far $50 can go depending on location, store, and what's in the cart. It might make you feel a little better (or worse) about your own grocery bill. Let's get into 'em:

1.Here's what $46.34 got this person from Ralph's in Los Angeles:

Groceries on a checkout counter, including oat milk, Silk maple brown sugar oat milk, bagels, Philadelphia cream cheese, strawberries, Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars, and pre-cut pineapple

2.To further prove my point that sometimes ingredients for one meal cost more than Doordash or meal delivery, this person's ingredients for their dinner cost them $47.72 in NYC:

A table displaying fresh beets, rigatoni pasta, wild arugula, goat cheese, bread, honey, and Greek cheese

3.Here's what $50.87 got this person at Whole Foods (location unspecified):

Boxes of Simple Mills crackers and bottles of Bolthouse Farms Tangerine and Organic Apple juice are on a table with four containers of Classic Hummus from Good & Gather


u/iamwatered / Via reddit.com

4.Another Whole Foods entry... $46 in Cincinnati:

Various grocery items including decaf coffee, pasta, champagne, broccoli, garlic spread, almond milk, cream cheese, and Violife cheese are placed on a kitchen counter

This one's a little better. *A little.*

u/worldwidewhimp / Via reddit.com

5.Ok, but it's not alllll terrible — here's what $51.08 got this person at an Aldi in Wisconsin:

A variety of grocery items are on a table, including vegetables, milk, sugar, crackers, juice, popcorn, butter, yogurt, and canned drinks

Notes: Move to Wisconsin ✅ Shop at Aldi ✅

u/EmuInner8774 / Via reddit.com

6.And here's $50 at Albertsons in Southern California, of which $20 was in maple syrup:

Grocery items on a kitchen counter include Goldfish crackers, Taylor Farms dill pickle chopped kit, maple syrup, De Cecco pasta, strawberries, and string cheese

7.Here's what $51.69 looked like for this person at Star Market in Boston ($41.73 after rewards card):

Various groceries on a counter, including Campbell's Chunky soup cans, bread, Hellmann's mayonnaise, Morton salt, spices, and a Power Crunch protein bar


u/moransnail / Via reddit.com

8.But here's $50 at a Walmart in Indiana... not bad (and they even have meat!):

Various groceries on a table include chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, yogurt, pineapple, kale, mango, ground beef, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, bell peppers, apples, and a bag of oranges

9.Also very impressed by this person's Aldi haul for $50.86 in Louisville, KY:

A kitchen counter with various grocery items displayed, including canned goods, vegetables, potato chips, drinks, and a large pizza. A red and white shopping bag is on the floor

10.Here's $51.90 at a Family Dollar in Chicago's south side:

Various groceries on a table, including soda bottles, hot dog buns, eggs, beef hot dogs, Pringles, Reese's snacks, guacamole, and pimento cheese

11.Here's a pretty solid "just under $60" haul from Walmart in Saratoga Springs, NY:

A kitchen counter with a variety of groceries including eggs, chicken, bananas, canned tuna, blueberries, grapes, vegetables, chopped onions, pork ribs, and spice mix

12.Not sure how to feel about this $45 vegan snack haul from a Target in Massachusetts:

Groceries on a stove: Wholly Veggie Macaroni, Oreo cookies, Doritos chips, Tofurky slices, Lightlife hot dogs, Pillsbury Crescents, Goodles pasta, hamburger buns, Field Roast Chao cheese, Thomas' bagels

$45/10 items = ~$4.5 per item. Vegan snacks ain't cheap.

u/Bulky_Ad_4390 / Via reddit.com

13.This is what $44 gets ya at Trader Joe's in NYC:

Fresh groceries on a kitchen counter include lettuce, tomatoes, assorted vegetables, pasta, and cheese

14.A hop, skip, and a ferry away, here's what $49.07 gets at an Aldi in New Jersey:

A variety of groceries placed on a stove and countertop, including fruits, vegetables, cereals, and meats, suggesting a recent shopping trip

Aldi FTW.

u/midwest-ginger / Via reddit.com

15.And here's a burrito-cereal haul for $47 at a grocery store in Pennsylvania:

Various family-size breakfast cereals, syrup, frozen turkey meals, and an assortment of burritos are displayed on a kitchen counter

Cereal has gotten so expensive!!!

u/AbleDragonfruit4767 / Via reddit.com

16.These people got a $51.10 produce-only haul from the "bargain bin" at a grocery store in the Bay area, California:

A variety of fresh vegetables and fruits on a table, including oranges, pineapple, apples, mushrooms, lettuce, kale, potatoes, and cabbage

17.Lastly, here's some bulk-buying for $48.52 at an H-E-B in Houston, TX:

Grocery items on a checkout conveyor belt, including Skittles, mayonnaise, mustard, shredded cheese, cucumber, lettuce, protein shakes, and instant noodle soup

Mayo and mustard allll summer long.

u/AndiNell / Via reddit.com

That's it! Was it what you expected? What does $50 get you at your local grocery store? What's outrageously expensive, and what's surprisingly cheap? Let me know in the comments!