At 57, Shania Twain Is Basically Unrecognizable With Long Blonde Hair

At 57, Shania Twain Is Basically Unrecognizable With Long Blonde Hair

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  • Shania Twain, 57, recently appeared on the Late Show with James Corden with a long. sleek blonde hairdo.

  • It's still unclear if the blonde was a wig, or her real hair.

  • The singer was promoting her new album Queen of Me, which

    dropped today.

Shania Twain has been a superstar for decades, and she’s rocked bouncy, brown hair since forever. So, people were understandably shocked when the 57-year-old went on the Late Late Show with James Corden with a sleek, blonde ‘do.

Shania also showcased her new look at a party for Republic Records, according to a series of shots she posted on Instagram.

Shania—who was pretty much unrecognizable—didn’t say anything about her new look. Instead, she just casually worked it and waited for everyone else to freak out. And, ya know, they did.

People had thoughts. “I mean, a wise woman once said that the best part about being a woman, is the prerogative to have a little fun! 😍❤️” one wrote. “Don’t even recognize you! Do blondes have more fun?” another said.

What’s unclear: If Shania threw on a wig for a few hours or if she actually underwent a drastic makeover. Either way, she’s digging it.

“I just love it. I'm just having fun," she told Corden when asked about her new hair.

Worth noting: Her new album, Queen of Me, is out now and she’s planning to go on tour soon. So…apparently she just wanted to mix things up!

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Shania told ET that she feels really comfortable with herself right now.

“This is the most free-spirited I've ever been in my life," she said. "For me, it was all about looking at the things that I was uncomfortable with that I could change. And I can't change my body, or whatever I see as false in my body. But I can change the way I see it. And the way I live it and live with it."

Shania posed topless on the cover of her new album, and she told ET that was about facing her insecurities.

“I thought, 'I'm taking this thing by the hair and I'm gonna deal with it.,’” she said. “So I decided that I would do a nude photo shoot, and face my fears head-on. Like, in the most terrifying way you could imagine."

But, she said, it helped. "It really threw my fear out the window. I did not tip-toe in there... I owned it,” Shania said. “I just said, 'This is who I am.’ If I can't be an example of what I'm talking about...then I'm not being truthful, truthful with myself especially. So I took it to the limit."

You do you, Shania!

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