6 Simple Ways to Get More Exercise If You're Lazy

Would you rather watch a Rocky training montage than try a boxing class? Does a high-intensity bootcamp sound like cruel and unusual punishment? It’s OK to be a little lazy, but it’s not OK to use your predilection for stagnancy to avoid working out altogether. Instead of sacrificing your health, try these six strategies to get more exercise, suitable for even the most stubborn couch potato.

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1. Work Out to Your Favorite Show

Ask any lazy person what her favorite things to do are and we’ll bet “binge-watching” is pretty high on the list. That’s why you should apply a drinking game mindset to your next TV marathon—with bodyweight exercises instead of shots. For example, if you’re watching Veep, do ten squats every time a character delivers a sick burn. Or if you’re more of a Law and Order: SVU gal, do 15 crunches every time you’re sad Benson and Stabler never got together.

2. Just Walk More

Let’s face it: Walking is, like, the easiest exercise. It’s also super simple to incorporate more of it into your day. If you drive to work, choose a parking spot furthest away from your building’s entrance. If you commute via train or subway, get off a few stops early and finish your trip on foot. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is another way to up your step count. Plus, stairs never break down.

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3. Incentivize Your Workouts

Everyone loves a good reward. So, to trick yourself into getting more exercise, make sure there’s something in it for you (you know, besides superior health). One caveat is that you should avoid rewarding yourself with junk food, which totally undoes the hard work you just did. Instead, promise yourself that if you make it to the gym two times a week for a month, you’ll splurge on those statement booties you’ve been eyeing for months.

4. Deskercise

Work’s a drag sometimes, are we right? Shake things up a little and take advantage of your 9-to-5 to burn some calories. Watch the video above for a few simple exercises you can easily do at your desk to get a little burn in during that 4 p.m. slump.

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5. Do Your Chores

Did you know that chasing your dog around burns 100 calories in 30 minutes? Don’t limit “exercise” to what you do in a sweaty gym. Turn everyday tasks like grocery shopping or cooking into mini workouts by doing them a little faster. And hey, the sooner the kitchen’s clean, the sooner you can get back to Netflix and squats.

6. Go to a Spin Class

OK, hear us out. You might think an aggressive group fitness class would be hell for a lazy gal, but trust us. If you find the right instructor, spin classes can be ridiculously fun. Once you’re jamming on a stationary bike in a dark room being flooded with the musical stylings of Queen Bey, you’ll almost forget you’re working out. Trust.

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