You can do it: 6 tips for getting your home in shape for fall

Fall is the perfect time to get organized — and Canadian Tire is here to help with the storage solutions you need to Prepare for Fall. From handy garage organization tips to smart storage ideas for every room in your home, we’ve got you covered.

Kids playing in a pile of leaves while they rake the yard
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There’s a distinct change in energy as the final days of summer wind down and fall sets in. Maybe it’s the cooling temperatures or kids going back to school, but there’s just something about the season that signals a chance to slow down and return to our routine.

So, not to worry if you allowed things at home to fall to the wayside while you enjoyed a busy summer of family trips, barbecues with friends, and outdoor adventures. After all, Canadian summers are short and sweet, so it’s important to savour every last moment. That being said, fall is a great time to regroup and get your home in order by addressing any lingering items left over on your to-do list.

You’ve probably heard that a clean and organized home can help you get more enjoyment out of your living space, but if you’re not quite there yet, don’t fret! Here are six tips to whip your home into shape for fall, so you can conquer the season, and anything it may throw your way, with confidence.

1. Deep clean

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Step one? Give your home a thorough clean. Especially if you haven’t done so since spring.

That means getting rid of dust bunnies, stains and scuffs, and giving your entire house a good vacuum. Seems daunting? It doesn’t need to be. Simply go room by room to make the process feel more doable. While your bathroom is going to require slightly different cleaning supplies than your kitchen or bedroom, a good all-purpose cleaner like this one from method should be at the top of your shopping list. (Best of all? It’s child and pet safe.) Your checklist should also include glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, a bathroom and kitchen cleaner, microfibre cloths, disinfecting wipes and paper towel.

A great vacuum will also help make a world of difference. This Hoover® Power Scrub Deluxe Pet Carpet & Upholstery Deep Cleaner can help give your whole home a true deep clean. For smaller everyday messes, you can’t go wrong with a lightweight, yet powerful handheld vacuum like the Shark WANDVAC. And if you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty for cleaning out your car or fireplace, or tidying up after home improvement projects, a wet/dry vacuum like the Mastervac Wet Dry Vacuum can be a total life, and time, saver.

2. Declutter

Couple decluttering house deciding which items to keep and which to donate
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Decluttering can be difficult for some, especially if you’re the sentimental type. That’s where the buddy system can come in handy: a friend or family member can help you talk through any items you may be hesitant to toss. If you’re still finding it hard to make decisions, follow the 20/20 rule: if you can replace an item for under $20 and in under 20 minutes, feel free to toss or donate the item in question if you don’t currently have a need for it.

Decluttering can be done in small stages, or as one big power purge. Whichever method you choose, it’s always a good idea to start with any broken items and things you haven’t reached for in years, to help you build confidence, and momentum. You’ll be surprised by how much larger, lighter and more inviting your home can feel once you’ve gotten rid of items that have been taking up space for years, but no longer serve you.

3. Get organized

Woman organizing her garage with storage bins, garage shelving, bike racks, garage storage cabinets and overhead storage
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Getting organized doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Want to make the process easier? Start in one room, and group like items together. Then, put everything in its right place by relocating items to where you’re most likely to use them. That means laundry detergent and dryer balls should go in the laundry room, not the back of a hall closet.

When it comes to organizing, bins are your best friend. Take all those categorized piles and sort them into bins, so they’re neatly organized and easily accessible. And don’t assume you need to sacrifice style for functionality. The Home Edit by iDESIGN offers a selection of aesthetically-pleasing wooden bins in various sizes and colours that are great for storing household items like linens, cleaning supplies, and makeup. You can even go the extra mile and nest a smaller bin within a larger one to further organize small items, such as office or school supplies.

Is a cluttered kitchen pantry or disorganized fridge making it difficult to find the ingredients you need when cooking? Create organization out of chaos by using clear stackable containers. The Home Edit by iDesign All-Purpose Deep Divided Bins and Stackable Divided Drawer are ideal for organizing pantry items and fridge staples. They’re BPA-free, space-saving, and can be customized to fit your particular space.

4. Tackle home maintenance tasks

Canadian Tire Yardworks 3-in-1 rake for raking leaves
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With fall comes a laundry list of home maintenance items that should be addressed well before winter arrives. Depending on your space, that could mean readying your lawn for cooler weather, closing the pool for the season, or simply giving your home a once over, both indoors and out, to see if any filters need to be changed or other small DIY jobs need to be addressed.

And, since fall and falling leaves go hand-in-hand, if you have a yard, it’s imperative to make sure you also have a good rake and yard waste bags. The Yardworks 3-in-1 Poly Leaf Rake features a detachable design for quick-and-easy leaf clean up. Use it to scoop up leaf piles and deposit them into one of Canadian Tire’s self-standing and moisture resistant paper yard waste bags to make your fall yard work a breeze.

5. Store away summer-specific items

Clear plastic storage bin for storing seasonal items for winter
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When leaves and temperatures begin to fall, consider it a signal to put away your summer gear for the season. Once again, storage bins are a great way to keep seasonal items safe, secure and out of the way until next summer. These type A Clarity Containers come in a variety of sizes and are great for storing lighter items like sandals and flip flops, while the Mastercraft Heavy Duty Deep Storage Tote is ideal for holding heavier items like camping gear.

Short on space, but need to clear out room in your closet for sweater weather? type A also makes a clear, stackable container with a 50-L capacity that slides under the bed, so your summer wear can be neatly tucked out of the way, but remain easily accessible when it comes time to pack for that warm-weather winter getaway you’ve been planning.

And, while bikes are notoriously challenging to store due to their size and awkward shape, this Bike Nook Bike Stand helps solve that issue by storing your bike upright, saving up to one metre of space, while making it easy to access, so you can keep riding for as long as the weather allows.

6. Address your indoor air quality

Woman enjoying clean indoor air with her Noma air purifier
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Now that you’ve cleaned and organized, assess how you feel in your space. Does it feel stuffy? Is the temperature just right? Your home should be your oasis, and fall is a great time to invest in your at-home comfort.

Is your air a touch too dry? The Honeywell HWM845WC Soothing Comfort Warm Mist Air Humidifier will help you breathe easier. Or, if seasonal allergies are the issue, consider an air purifier with a HEPA filter. The Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 HEPA Oscillating Air Purifier/Fan/Heater automatically senses and captures pollutants, while also serving as a fan and heater, making it a great all-in-one home comfort solution.

Fall is all about getting back to routine, and making sure both you and your home are properly prepared for colder weather. Whether you’re looking for garage storage solutions, tools to help you make quick work of fall lawn care, or time-saving cleaning products, Canadian Tire has what you need to Prepare for Fall.