At 60, Sheryl Crow Stuns In A Sparkly Minidress With 🔥 Legs In New Photos

At 60, Sheryl Crow Stuns In A Sparkly Minidress With 🔥 Legs In New Photos

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  • Sheryl Crow recently hit the stage at an event wearing a sparkling, retro minidress and heels.

  • The singer, 60, flaunted her super sculpted legs in the outfit as she rocked out onstage, and it was everything.

  • Sheryl stays active in her daily life and enjoys doing rowing machine workouts.

Sheryl Crow is a little busy these days, thanks to performing at the Grammys and being nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But she took time to churn out a performance at a Musicares dinner celebrating Motown legends Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy, and she clearly hasn't been skipping leg day at the gym lately.

The 60-year-old shared several photos on Instagram of herself performing her iconic music in a gorgeous, sequined minidress with feather sleeves that showed off miles of toned legs. Even in a wide-angle pic of Sheryl on stage, it’s hard to miss those legs. Ditto for Sheryl in leather leggings on the red carpet.

“I am still high from last night getting to honor two legends - Berry Gordy and @smokeyrobinson with @musicares!!” she wrote in the caption. “What an unbelievable night! I will say it again, Motown is the most important catalog of American music as far as I am concerned!”

People definitely noticed how strong Sheryl is right now. “Those legs though,” one wrote in the caption. “Yes legs!” said another.

It’s hardly a shock that Sheryl is super sculpted—she’s been open about her love of exercise, telling InStyle that “exercise is really important to me.” She throws a ton of different works in the mix, including jogging and rowing, noting to InStyle that exercise helps her work out “some of that unnecessary anxiety.”

Speaking of rowing, Sheryl told Parade that she can log some serious time on her rower. “I have a rowing machine, and I knock out 20-45 minutes first thing in the morning,” she shared. “I enjoy burning through some of the mental steam that builds up, and I think exercise is really good for that.”

Sheryl is also super active in her day-to-day. In 2021, she casually dropped a photo on Instagram of herself looking fit and happy while she was about to go water skiing:

Sheryl also digs basketball and regularly posts on social media about her love for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Performing helps her stay strong, too. Sheryl recently dropped a photo of herself performing at Bonnaroo while doing a freaking plank onstage, as one does:

By the way, Sheryl told Parade that her jacked arms are partially due to playing guitar. “Especially when you consider you’re holding your arms up for two hours a night and carrying your equipment,” she said. “But it also comes down to my DNA. My parents are pretty fit. We are small, lean people with high metabolism.”

Sheryl Crow, everyone!

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