At 67, Denise Austin Demonstrates ‘3 Moves’ to ‘Firm’ and ‘Tone,’ Muscles ‘Anytime’

At 67, Denise Austin Demonstrates ‘3 Moves’ to ‘Firm’ and ‘Tone,’ Muscles ‘Anytime’
  • Denise Austin, 67, just shared a few simple moves you can do “anytime, anywhere.”

  • The fitness pro demonstrated the three exercises in her kitchen—while wearing jeans.

  • “I have a few minutes to spare, I’m going to use my time more efficiently,” she explained.

Even fitness pro Denise Austin knows that it can be difficult to find time to stay active during the day, but she doesn’t let that come between her and a quick, effective workout. The 67-year-old recently shared a motivational video demonstrating her go-to moves she likes to squeeze in “anytime, anywhere.”

In the Instagram video, Austin stands in her kitchen and explains that she was about to head to a “business meeting,” while showing off her stylish jacket and jeans. However, before leaving she tells fans she wants to “pump up” her muscles and “do some workouts” before demonstrating a few “light” exercises she says, “You can do anytime, anywhere.”

Austin adds: “I have a few minutes to spare, I’m going to use my time more efficiently.”

“Three moves that you can do right in the kitchen!!” Austin captioned the video. “Your muscles don’t know if you’re in a fancy gym or in your kitchen, so get some movement in whenever you can!”

Below, we break down the three moves Austin shares in the video that are so simple you don’t even need any workout gear. Pro tip: Perform each exercise “for about a minute” for a great, on-the-go exercise routine, per Austin.


“The easiest way to do a push-up is on the counter!” Austin explained in the caption. To perform her version of an incline pushup, Austin faces her kitchen counter and takes a few steps backward before placing her hands on the counter, shoulder-width apart. Then, while in a plank-like position, she bends her arms slowly lowering her chest towards the counter before straightening to bring her chest back up to complete one rep. The push-up is “great for the chest muscles [and] great to shape your arms,” she says while performing the move.

Leg swings

Next, Austin moves on to leg swings. “I love this one,” she says of the move that helps to “firm up your inner and outer thighs.” Austin begins the movement while standing a few feet from her kitchen counter, holding onto the edge with her right hand and placing the left hand on her hip. She then plants her left leg firmly on the ground while bringing the right leg up and out towards the right side of the room before swinging it across her body toward the left.


“I do love to work my buttocks to really lift and tone the backside—to make it your better side,” Austin said while moving onto squats. In the caption, she explained that the squat works “your whole lower body, but especially thighs and booty,” and recommended holding onto the counter “for stability.” To perform the squat, Austin stands away from the counter with her feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, grabbing the counter with both hands, and standing far enough away that her arms are straight. Then she bends her knees to sit down into the squat position before standing back up and repeating the movement.

There you have it! A simple yet effective workout routine you can squeeze in on those extra-busy days. Looking for a more intense workout? Check out some of our favorites below.

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