7 DIY Hair Masks for Dry Hair That Are Worth Your Time and Effort

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If your hair is feeling (and looking) less than stellar, you may want to update your weekly hair care routine with a mask. Before going out and buying a top-rated (likely top-dollar) hair product, though, you may want to rummage through your pantry. After all, there are a number of DIY hair masks for dry hair you can whip up at home.

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To prove it, we chatted with three hair experts to uncover their favorite homemade hair masks. Ahead, find seven DIY hair masks that will restore your hair’s moisture and shine in no time.

For All Hair Types: The Ultimate Spray-On, Leave-In Mask

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If convenience is of the utmost importance to you when editing your hair care routine, this spray-on, leave-in mask is the perfect DIY hair mask for you. According to celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims, an aloe vera-infused mask is a must-try for anyone (and any hair type) jonesing for strong, shiny, hydrated hair. “This DIY mask is perfect for maintaining healthy hair using the nourishing properties of coconut and avocado oils and the healing agents found in aloe vera,” he reveals.

What you’ll need:

  • Spray bottle

  • 1 oz of coconut oil

  • 1 tsp of avocado oil

  • 2 oz of Aloe Vera gel

  • ⅓ cup of distilled water 

What to do:

“Pour the aloe vera gel and water into a spray bottle and shake it well to mix the two properties,” Sims instructs. “In a separate container, mix the coconut and the avocado oils. Add the oils into the spray bottle mixture and shake it again to combine all the ingredients. Spray onto damp hair and finger-comb to make sure the mixture saturates the hair.”

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For Dry/Curly Hair: DIY Aloe Vera Detangler

If you don’t want to go to the grocery store to source all the ingredients necessary for Sims’ go-to spray-on, leave-in mask, Fable & Mane creative director and co-founder, Nikita Mehta says you can treat your strands to some much-needed TLC using nothing more than aloe. “I love using Aloe Vera juice—it’s great for dry or curly hair like mine, gives a nice gloss and shine, and acts as a natural detangler,” she says, noting that it is one of the key ingredients formulated in Fable & Mane’s Detangling Leave-In Conditioner ($30). 

What you’ll need:

  • Aloe vera plant

What to do:

“Take the inner gel of the aloe vera leaf, blend it in a blender, and apply directly to the scalp and hair,” Mehta instructs, noting to trim off the ends and sides of the leaf you use to avoid blending those bitter bits. “Leave it on for an hour before washing.”  She says to apply this DIY aloe mask once a week for best results.  

For Dull, Dry Hair: Avocado and Honey Mask

According to trichologist Isfahan Chambers-Harris, PhD, avocado and honey blend beautifully for a DIY hair mask. “Avocado nourishes with healthy fats while honey adds moisture, making hair soft and shiny,” she says. While the concoction is especially beneficial for dull, dry hair, Chambers-Harris says that it’s suitable for all hair types. 

What you’ll need:

  • 1 ripe avocado

  • 2 tbsp honey 

What to do:

Blend the avocado in a blender until smooth, Chambers-Harris says. Then, add honey and mix well. “Apply the mixture to damp hair,” she says. “If you have fine hair or hair that’s prone to becoming oily, focus [the mask] on the ends. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.” For best results, apply it once a week.

For Dry Hair: Conditioning Avocado Mask

Tired of brittle-looking strands? Sims says that a conditioning avocado mask can work a world of good for dry hair. “We know avocados are a ‘good’ fat to incorporate into our diets but the proteins found in avocados are also great for hair,” he says. “This DIY mixture combines the extra protein content and the fatty acids found in avocados with the hydrating action of coconut oil to nourish hair before the sticky properties of honey seal it in. This mixture helps to reduce fizz and will add shine.”

What you’ll need:

  • 1 tbsp avocado oil

  • 1 tsp refined coconut oil

  • 1 tsp pure honey

What to do:

“Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well,” Sims says. “Starting at the scalp, use your fingers to work the mixture down your stands to the ends. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water.” Don’t hop out of the shower right then, though. “Once rinsed, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and follow your usual conditioning routine,” Sims says. “This DIY mask is best used once a week.”

For Dry, Natural 4C Hair: Nourishing Egg Mask

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Give your coils the TLC they deserve with this nourishing egg mask. “Eggs are multifunctional and can even be used in our hair care,” Sims reveals. “The proteins found in eggs are an excellent topical treatment to add extra nourishment to damaged and dry 4C hair to promote growth and a shinier, healthier appearance.”

What you’ll need:

  • 6 egg yolks

  • 2 tbsp virgin coconut oil

  • 20 drops tea tree oil 

What to do:

Whip the egg yolks, virgin coconut oil, and tea tree oil together in a bowl. Once mixed, Sims says to apply the concoction directly to the scalp. “Take time to massage the mixture in, and then move [up] the hair toward the roots with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb,” he instructs. “Leave the mask in the hair for 10 minutes and then rinse with cool water—you don’t want to cook the egg!” After rinsing the mask out, Sims says to follow your regular wash or co-washing routine. “There is such a thing as giving too much protein to the hair, so I recommend doing this mask once a week and stopping if you notice the hair texture worsening,” he adds.

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For Damaged, Dry, Frizzy Hair: Rice Water and Banana Mask

Rice water rose to popularity a few years back for its hair-perfecting effect, and according to Mehta, it’s an ingredient that works well in DIY hair masks. While she formulated Fable & Mane’s Hydrating Hair Mask ($34) using rice water, banana, and fenugreek seeds, if you’re looking for a handmade iteration, she says DIY works, too. “Banana is rich in potassium and silica, which will fight frizz and give softness; rice water boosts growth and gives shine; and fenugreek seeds are amazing for strengthening hair,” she reveals.  

What you’ll need:

  • Rice water

  • 1 banana

  • Fenugreek seeds

What to do:

Starting the night before you plan to use the mask, whip up your homemade rice water. “When prepping the rice water, make sure you rinse the rice once first to get the starchy, white water out,” Mehta says. Then, let the water soak overnight and strain it to use in your mask. Add the water, one banana, and a handful of toasted fenugreek seeds to a blender and mix until smooth. 

“It’s the ultimate pre-wash mask for strengthening thinning hair and also for hair growth,” she says. “It’s an amazing blend—I apply once a week and after rinsing, I use a scalp scrub.”

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For Thick, Coily Hair: Scalp-Boosting Honey and Cinnamon Mask

Pump up your scalp’s circulation and your hair’s moisture with this invigorating honey and cinnamon mask. “Honey adds an extra boost of moisture and cinnamon stimulates blood circulation for a healthy scalp,” Chambers-Harris says, noting that the combination is ideal for thick, coily hair types. 

What you’ll need:

What to do:

Mix cinnamon and honey in a bowl until it forms a paste,” Chambers-Harris says. “Apply Alodia's Deep Conditioning Masque to hair, then apply the honey/cinnamon mixture. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.” Chambers-Harris says the mask is best used once every two weeks.

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