7 signs he’s a cheater

7 signs he’s a cheater
7 signs he’s a cheater

Sign of a cheater 1: Conflicting stories

Him: “I’m at Ben’s house”.  Ben: “He’s at Dave’s house”. If that doesn’t look fishy, we don’t know what does. Either he’s organising/purchasing a nice little surprise for you and he’s rubbish at lying, or he’s cheating. If he doesn’t produce a surprise sparkly ring or spa tickets for two from his pocket within two weeks, it’s time to confront him. Busted!

Sign of a cheater 2: Being touchy around technology

We don’t recommend invading his privacy, but if you notice him acting particularly strange around his social media or his texts then you’re probably going to question why. Is he closing his laptop screen when you walk into the room? Deleting his browsing history? Taking his phone with him to the bathroom? Eek.

Sign of a cheater 3: Blowing hot and cold

Men often treat their ladies to something special and this by no means suggests that he’s cheating – granted. But if he’s been acting a little out of sorts for quite a while and then he suddenly whisks you off your feet to a romantic island and starts lavishing you with gifts, that’s probably because he’s overcompensating for his guilt.

Sign of a cheater 4: Acting as though you’re invisible

Guilt manifests itself in all sorts of ways. While some cheaters may be acting cold around their partners and then overcompensating by lavishing them with treats, other men prefer to act as though their other half is invisible. If he’s being ignorant, disrespectful and hardly listening to anything you say, he’s either cheating or he’s going off you.  Either way, he’s being disrespectful and you need to have serious words with him.

Sign of a cheater 5: Trying all sorts of new moves in the bedroom

If he suddenly whips out a whole new repertoire of moves that he seems to have developed a taste for since the last time you were getting intimate, he’s probably been learning them from someone else. While it’s perfectly viable that he’s learnt this new move from a naughty video or he’s simply feeling creative, if he’s mastered it to perfection and he does two or more of the other signs in this list, it’s time to take more notice of his actions.

Sign of a cheater 6: Lower libido

Without wanting to tarnish all men with the same brush, they aren’t exactly renowned for their dislike of sexy time. If you’re all geared up for a romantic night in and you start getting intimate with him but he would prefer to go to sleep, it’s obviously a sign that he’s gone off sex. But why? If he suddenly has an unexplained string of headaches and he shows two or more of the other cheating signs in this list, it might be time to start questioning him.

Sign of a cheater 7: Spending more time in front of the mirror

When you first met him he had a shave every day, always smelt delightful and spent a small amount of time making himself look sharp every morning. After the honeymoon phase of your relationship, he stopped doing that and started sporting the rugged look, but now he’s back in front of the mirror spending a considerable amount of time on his appearance. Is he suddenly making a conscious effort to impress you again? Or is he up to no good? Read more on realbuzz.com...
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