The 8 Best Plus-Size Pajamas For Cozy Nights

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Print Fresh pajamas are the epitome of fashion and comfort offered in petite, tall, and plus- sizes.

<p>Print Fresh / Avenue</p>

Print Fresh / Avenue

When I was growing up, pajamas consisted of an oversized night shirt with some novelty character on it (usually The Smurfs) and a pair of cotton shorts from Walmart. Fast forward 10+ years, and not much has changed except now, I also have a few token PJ sets that make me feel more like a put-together adult. As the plus-sized pajama market continues to grow, so does my collection of cute and quality loungewear.

If you’re scoffing at the idea of an actual pajama set or designated sleep clothes in general, you’re not alone. From conversations with plus-size influencers and other fat friends, many shared the same preference of only wearing comfortable loungewear to sleep in or nothing at all. As someone who also strips down occasionally to bed, I get it. No one wants the discomfort of body heat plus warm weather, leaving you in a pool of sweat.

InStyle knows that pajamas for plus-size folks should be lightweight enough to keep material from sticking to skin without losing the comfort and snugness of loungewear. From flannel and linen matching sets that you could wear out of the house to jersey and cotton shorts you’ll never want to take off, the world of sleeping styles has surpassed the need for random shirts that double as nightgowns. Now is the time to invest in a good set of pajamas and retire/recycle worn-out clothes that no longer fit or have too many holes than they should. InStyle spoke with Fat Babes Club of Columbus co-founder Elizabeth Chinn, Plus Model Alex Hiers, and Print Fresh co-founder and creative designer Amy Voloshin to share insight on plus-size pajamas and their current favorites.

Read on for the eight best plus-size pajamas that’ll have you bedtime ready, with a few sultry picks in the mix.


Print Fresh Short Sleep Set

Best Overall

What We Love: Styles are available in petite, tall, and extended sizes

What We Don’t Love: Stains set quickly in the lightweight cotton material.

If you need pajamas that fit comfortably and embrace the fun, Print Fresh should be your first stop. When trying styles that the brand sent me, I half expected the button-up top to pucker over my breasts and stomach, coming undone when sitting down or moving a lot. Thankfully the thick lining around the hem of the top kept the buttons secure, and the extended size offerings from the brand made it possible to size up if needed. Another fan of the brand is Chinn, who prefers sleeping in the nude, but reaches for Print Fresh when pajamas are a must.

“I always feel like the main character in a romance novel in their PJs and robe sets,” they share with InStyle. This set features a button-up top and matching patterned shorts with 2 1/4 inches inseam to keep the style from riding too much.

The brand is known for its craftsmanship and quirky designs, and its embroidered and hand-printed styles show the detail that’s put into each pair. The light fabric also won’t make you feel suffocated or sweat bullets when you’re snuggled under the covers  at night. One thing to note, though, is that stains set into the material quickly— which I learned the hard way via pasta sauce on my shorts — but cold water and a Tide Stick will do the job if cleaned right away.

Also,  because it’s always important to mention, the shorts and pant styles come with POCKETS, which are deep enough to hold your phone and other things if you choose to wear them outside the house.

Size Range: XXS - 6X | Pattern(s): 8 | Fabric: 100% Cotton

Simply Be Pajama Set in Pink Floral

Best Value

What We Love: The no-frills stretch of the jersey material won't lose shape after several washes.

What We Don't Love: The waistband on leggings rolls down if not pulled over the stomach.

A lot of plus-size people I spoke to said they don't really wear designated pajama sets, instead opting for an oversized tee (same) or whatever mismatched loungewear items they already own. ASOS, however, makes the thought of a coordinated nighttime look more appealing with their extensive pajama catalog, featuring this set from Simply Be that doesn't skimp out on style or comfort. A subtle blue and pink floral pattern on the leggings, paired with the simple baggy pink T-shirt, looks more like an athleisure set than something for bedtime, but the stretchy jersey material is where you'll realize these pieces are fit for the comfort of a bed and sweet dreams.

Hiers loves breathable and elastic pajamas, much like this combo. "I usually gravitate towards a jersey cotton mix, whether it's a pants set or a short set," she tells us. Still, be warned: while the jersey material of Simply Be’s design moves with the body throughout the night, the high-rise waistband is relatively thin and folds into itself a little on the stomach.

Size Range: 12 - 26 | Colors: 1 | Fabric: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

Nordstrom Romantic Washable Silk Pajamas

Best Splurge

What We Love: The loose structure of the set doesn't feel constricting with a lot of movement.

What We Don't Love: There is no stretch.

If you want to feel like an unofficial member of TLC while jamming out to “No Scrubs” and reminiscing about the 90s, these pajamas will help you enter that fantasy. I'll set the scene: a throwback playlist is playing on your speaker, you're freshly shaved (or not) and moisturizing your legs with a yummy body butter before slipping into this 100% silk set. That's the self-care ritual I occasionally practice while wearing these pajamas that I splurged on. Every movement is like a soft embrace, and the loose fit of the pants and top keep the silk material from getting stuck to the skin when tossing and turning.

However, because of that same silky material,  the style has no stretch whatsoever, save  for the elastic waistband that ties at the front, so it's essential to follow the size guide to get the right fit.

Size Range: 1X - 4X | Colors: 2 | Fabric: 100% Silk

Athleta Well Rested Rib Sleep Tank

Best Tank

What We Love: The racerback cut isn't tight around the arms.

What We Don't Love: Bottoms are sold separately.

Athleta started as an athleisure brand, so it's no surprise that this sleep tank keeps up with movement while sleeping. The style owes its flexibility to the sustainably made TENCEL modal and spandex, which allows this thinly-spaced, ribbed material to  stretch without losing shape. The sleeveless racerback cut keeps arms free from tangling and feeling constricted  while sleeping, and also keeps  the body cool without going shirtless.

While this tank is part of a set, the bottom options come separately — one being wide-leg pants and the other a sleep short, although both come in the same cozy material that won't ride up or tangle while sleeping. You can wear this Athleta set to the gym or during any extraneous activity, even if that's just rolling over to the cool side of the bed.

Size Range: XXS - 3X | Colors: 4 | Fabric: Tencel Modal, Spandex

Old Navy Cropped Smocked Clip-Dot Cami Swing Pajama

Best Spaghetti Strap

What We Love: The fashionable design and pattern are a fun introduction to PJs.

What We Don't Love: The thin material rides up while sleeping.

While everyone has moved onto the coastal grandma trend, I still hold heavily onto the cottagecore vibe that makes me feel like a forest fairy, even though I mainly wear black. Enter these pajamas from Old Navy that come in a muted pink and basic black, making the dot pattern on the top and matching bottoms feel more mature. While not sold in a complete set, waist-length shorts and high-waisted pants can complete the look at a low price, making it easy to mix and match during hot and cold temperatures or just based on personal preference.

Due to being made of cotton and rayon, this style  can appear slightly sheer and can cause nipples to poke through. And since the cropped top is very flowy, it may  ride up while  you sleep or from a gust of air through an AC unit. Stil, it’s a fashionable, lightweight choice, and if you hate heavy layers, this smocked top won't cling to the body, even with the elastic ruffle business at the top.

Size Range: XS - 4X | Colors: 2 | Fabric: 55% Cotton, 45% Rayon

Stars Above Beautifully Soft Short Sleeve NightGown

Best Nightgown

What We Love: This shirt stays long in the back even with lots of movement.

What We Don't Love: The added pocket is basically useless.

Sometimes I think about an old interview with Lady Gaga where she shared that she "feels freer in underwear" and hates wearing pants. Me too, Gaga. That's the beauty of a nightgown, specifically this one that keeps legs free without the heavily patterned style of a Little House on the Prairie nightshirt.

Like many people, Hier is obsessed with Target and its dedicated plus-size brands. "The pajamas that they sell come in different patterns, different colors, all different types, and they always have my size, which I of course, love," she says.

No matter your color preference, Stars Above’s nightgown option offers a variety of dark colors as well as pastel shades, and  the addition of spandex and modal in the fabric blend create  a  cozy jersey feel. You also won't have to worry about underwear peaking through the hems of the nightshirt, since long material in the back covers any private bits when raising hands or moving around. If you're a fan of using clothes for multiple purposes, this nightgown is versatile enough to be paired with a maxi skirt or worn on its own with a belt and chunky sandals. The shirt has a small pocket that many pajama tops also have, but  frankly, it's pointless due to its  size. Anything bigger than a pack of fruit snacks will poke out the top and weigh down the neckline.

Size Range: XS - 4X | Colors: 5 | Fabric: 95% Modal, 5% Spandex

Avenue Chemise Nightgown

Best Chemise

What We Love: The slight tapering under the bust creates a flattering figure.

What We Don't Love: The holster for the cups isn't supportive of large breasts.

Pajamas can be sexy without being a full-blown lingerie look. There are many growing plus-size lingerie options and a simple babydoll nightgown is an excellent introduction to the sultry world of negligees and sleepwear. A chemise — AKA a a smock undergarment meant to lay light on the body as a layer between other clothes — is perfect for nighttime wear. This one from Avenue checks off all the boxes with its cute color varieties and  sexy addition of a lace applique.

Avenue’s chemise also offers a  functional internal camisole that gives the breasts a little lift. There's no harm to just letting things hang, if you want to keep your breasts from spilling over the top or under the subtle built-in camisole, consider sizing up if possible. The adjustable straps are also thick enough to make a difference, meaning they're long enough to play around with for  loose or tight fit and wide to offer extra support in the back. Tapered sides that cinch under the camisole not only provide an alluring twist, but accentuate the body's natural curves instead of hiding them as traditional smocks do. This style makes for good solo or date night attire, complete with a bottle of something and a DIY charcuterie board (even if it's just deli salami, Cheez-Its, and Babybel cheese).

Fabric: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane | Size Range: 10 - 40 | Colors: 4

Land’s End Cotton Terry Long Spa Bath Robe

Best Robe

What We Love: Helps with dry-time after a shower.

What We Don't Love: The size guide skews small.

I have a very tumultuous relationship with robes. While I love the idea of wrapping myself in cloud-like comfort, robes do  not like me, since  I can never find one big enough to cover my entire body. My luck changed when I noticed this incredibly soft Land's End robe hanging in my best friend's beach house. Taking a chance on the size availability and my friend's mom's loyalty to the brand, I purchased my own. I was pleasantly surprised when I put on the terry material, and the robe fit snugly without opening at my stomach or chest. I did have to use the included waist tie to secure the robe close. There's something so magical about wearing a robe that makes you feel like you're at the spa without the resort costs.

The sizing runs on the small side, with their largest size of a 3X fitting better for those in the 22W-24W range instead of the specified 24W-26W. If you're between sizes, this is still a good pick, but the closure will vary on where you hold most of your weight. If you’re rounder in the stomach, like me, sizing up for a style that closes (and overlaps a little) is needed. The measurements stay true to size for those with bigger thighs or butts. Ideal for post-shower or steam sessions, this robe consists of 100% cotton that mocks a terry cloth material to wipe away water while drying itself, keeping mildew away. Even after multiple washes, the fabric stays sturdy and doesn't stretch out from too much wear. Also, while writing this story, I realized that I could have gotten this robe monogrammed from the brand, so please learn from my mistake. The embroidery image or full-name addition is only $8, depending on what you get.

Fabric: 100% Cotton | Size Range: 1X - 3X | Colors: 4

What to Keep in Mind


Personal preference matters, but if you want to stay cool at night, lean towards lightweight cotton, and if you want to bundle up, pick snug materials like flannel. For plus-size folks who need the extra stretch, always make sure there’s some spandex or jersey material to work with your body through various wears. With that being said, Print Fresh founder Amy Voloshin recommends sleeping in cotton.cotton. “It’s so cool and breathable. We use organic cotton poplin, which feels crisp, airy, and smooth — it’s also a fabric that is very durable and carries print and color beautifully,” she says.


Sometimes you need pajamas for more than just sleep. You might not be having full-blown slumber parties with friends anymore (let’s bring those back, please), but you can still wear a matching set or fuzzy number to hang out with friends (it’s the he ultimate, “I came to party, but also I need to be in bed by 10 pm” vibe). Remember that wearing pajamas can be a nighttime  fashion ritual to look forward to. Voloshin shares, “Investing in sleepwear really sets the tone for serious relaxation and is a great way to practice a little self-care.”

Your Questions, Answered

How do you stay cool in pajamas?

If you’re a fellow sweaty, sweaty person, you know the importance of sleeping in an  icy room with nothing constricting on the body except for a thin sheet (sometimes). As previously stated, it’s best to avoid thick fabrics like flannel, knitted cotton, or wool if you run hot while sleeping, as these materials conduct a lot of heat, which is why they’re ideal for winter looks. Wearing lightweight pajamas made from linen or cotton can keep you cool at night, but it will come down to preference. Also, consider wearing short-sleeved sets over long-sleeved ones or just a pair of really sweat-resistant underwear (like the ones from Parade) and a nightgown.

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Alexis Gaskin is the former commerce writer at InStyle covering beauty and fashion. As a plus-size woman, she tested lots of these pajamas herself and consulted numerous experts — including  Fat Babes Club of Columbus co-founder Elizabeth Chinn, Plus Model Alex Hiers, and Print Fresh co-founder and creative designer Amy Voloshin — to determine which PJs were actually the best ones to buy.


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