8 New Sad Songs to Help You Get Into Your Feels in 2024

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8 New Sad Songs for Getting in Your ~Feels~Warner Bros.

Raise your hand if you often find yourself in need of a good cry. Okay, all of us? Now raise it even higher if you like to lean into those feelings by throwing on a masterfully crafted playlist full of melancholy hits, heartbreak blues, and tear-jerking ballads. Still all of us? Okay, great!

There's something so cathartic about listening to everything you're feeling put into a beautifully sad song, and then blasting it (perhaps on repeat) to really feel it deep in your soul and embrace the sad. Now, we can't just be out here listening to the same old songs time after time—I mean, you can, they just might stop hitting the same after the 100th play. So, we want some fresh sad songs, and luckily for us, 2024 has already brought us some absolute bangers (well, as much as sad songs can be bangers). From a couple new tunes from one of the kings of heartbreaking songs, Lewis Capaldi, to some punch-you-in-the-feelings hits from artists you might not have heard of before, the selection of sad songs this year is already shaping up pretty darn nicely.

So grab a couple tissues and some fully charged AirPods (or a speaker if you're gonna let it fly out loud) and get ready to feel all the sad feels this year.

Strangers, by Lewis Capaldi

When it comes to sad songs, there's nothing more classic than a song about a breakup. And when Lewis Capaldi writes one, you end up with a song so packed with emotion and vivid descriptions of what it's like realizing that other person isn't there anymore that it'll surely have you tearing up partway through.

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The Yellow Mile, by Marika Hackman

Speaking of breakup songs, this new one from Marika Hackman has a hauntingly beautiful sound to it that would be perfect for driving in the rain, if you really want to set the mood. It's also very relatable for anyone who's ever had a relationship end and, looking back on it, you realize how low it brought you.

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Bleed, by Nailah Hunter

With an enchanting, almost otherworldly sound, Nailah Hunter's new song Bleed really creeps up on ya and draws you into her heartbreak, the kind where you wish the other person would either fight for you or just let you go completely.

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This Can't Go On, Bill Ryder-Jones

We've all been at that point where it feels like we've made some okay, a lot of mistakes (and perhaps keep making them) and we know that we need to get it together, but it's much easier said than done. Bill Ryder-Jones nails that feeling on the head, and even includes a particularly heartbreaking line about "feeling like a little boy" who just needs his dad.

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Someone I Could Die For, by Lewis Capaldi

It's not just the end of a relationship that Lewis Capaldi can write an amazing song about, there's also the all-consuming lonely feeling that can come with not having someone to love, or, as his song puts it, when you're "dying for someone to die for."

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Truck Girl, by Josh Ross

If you prefer your sad songs with a country twang, Truck Girl is going to be your new favorite. The gist of the song goes a little something like this: you want to go work things out with the person you thought was your whole world only to find out they've moved on with someone else. Pretty freakin' sad, right?!

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I'm Sorry, by Ali Gati

Regret is a powerful emotion, and wanting to go back and fix something (even though you know it might be too late) can really tear you up, and this song perfect encapsulates that feeling.

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Hanging, by Marika Hackman

If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of being in a toxic relationship, this song is likely going to sound mighty familiar to you. It gets into that feeling of being "pushed underwater when [you're] coming up for air," and the heartbreaking thought that comes along with it, that you must have done something to deserve feeling this sad.

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