8-Year-Old Rocker Gets Her Two Step On

Lylah M. Alphonse
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8-year-old Juliet has something to thrash about.
8-year-old Juliet has something to thrash about.

Eight-year-old Juliet is about as far away from cloying bubble-gum pop as you can get. She's like the anti-Rebecca Black. And she's taking YouTube by storm with her new video, "My First Hardcore Song."

"Let's open up this pit!" she yells, slamming on a trampoline filled with stuffed animals. She's wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Heart Phuket," which is sure to give some helicopter parentsheart palpitations. She tosses her long hair, windmills in the street, and howls.

The edgy, black-and-white video -- shot by her mom, photographer Kristina Childs, and produced by a family friend, Australian producer Rob Sharpe -- is interspersed with shots of her beloved dog, Robert, her pet fish, and Juliet in a deserted playground. Juliet wrote most of the lyrics herself, her mom says.

"Yes, this is her first music video," Childs told Yahoo! Shine. "It was all done as fun when Juliet was hanging out at our friend Rob Sharpe's house. He has a studio at home and they thought it would be fun to record a funny song to show me."

"Rob wrote and recorded the instruments over an hour, then got Juliet in to do the vocals which took about 15 minutes," she said. "When I heard the song, besides crying with laughter at how cute the whole thing was I said, 'I HAVE to make a film clip for this!' So a few days later, while we where having a play date at the park. I took the footage. I came home and edited it and posted it on YouTube so I could show my friends and family, then BOOM."  The video garnered more than 4.8 million views in about 24 hours; T-shirts with Juliet's fierce scowl and "Let's open up this pit!" are already available at  Myfirsthardcoresong.com.

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According to her mom, Juliet's had a taste for hardcore music since she was tiny. "I have had music playing in our household since she was a baby," Childs says. "When she was a newborn the only way I could settle her to sleep was playing bands like Slipknot and Marilyn Manson."

Her dad, Steven Childs, is a singer/songwriter with the Australian band Bright Lights, and Juliet listens to a wide range of genres.  "Juliet's music taste is quite eclectic," her mom says. "She will happily sing along to Jessie J, Johnny Cash or Michael Jackson."

The Brisbane, Australia-based 8-year-old doesn't have another music video in the works right now, though she thought this one was a lot of fun. "Juliet loves it, she thinks its very cool that she can show her friends," her mom says. "I think her audience may have broadened though."

Who needs sugar and spice when you can have metal and punk rock?

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