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’90s-themed American Girl doll set has Millennials feeling super old: ‘I need to lay down’

For most millennials, the ‘90s feel more recent than they are — in our minds, they seem to have happened around 15 years ago at most, when really it’s been double that.

So when American Girl recently launched their newest “historical” dolls — who lived way back in the golden era of 1999 — anyone born before 1990 took pause.

Their names are Isabel and Nicki Hoffman, twin sisters who “celebrate girl power” every day, love skateboarding and tennis and enjoy hanging out in their bedroom, where the girls share their very own PC and even an inflatable chair.

For those of us who went to middle school in the late ‘90s, there’s just something that’s a little too real (and mildly disturbing?) about this new “historical” take on our youth. And over on TikTok, elder millennials are not staying quiet about it.

“did the american girl tiktok account just call me old?” one TikTok user commented.

In one viral video, a millennial named Laurie (@cookscrapcraft) shows off the many accessories that are available with the Isabel and Nicki dolls and declares in her post caption that all of it makes her feel phenomenally old.

In one close-up shot, the TikToker focuses on the girls’ giant desktop PC, which was pretty state-of-the-art at the time. To add to the authenticity, the monitor shows that they’ve just dialed up to the internet and are browsing “American Girl Online,” which is clearly a nod to old-school AOL. There’s even a small pink floppy disk peeking out!

In another shot, we see a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut and a matching red soda cup, which appears to be the prize for reading as many books as possible in school. (Ah, those were the days.)

There’s also a tiny Tamagotchi to play with, a pink pillow lounger (probably for watching TGIF) and an old ‘90s edition of American Girl magazine you can thumb through.

Honestly, they didn’t miss much — the whole thing is like stepping into a time portal and winding up in your middle school bedroom.

‘There’s no way I’m at a ‘historical’ age…’

“The MAGAZINE,” one TikToker commented. “I remember that exact issue, with Amelia’s Notebook talking about Y2K.”

“The computer plays the DIAL UP TONESSS,” another person exclaimed.

“The Pizza Hut reading stuff I cannot,” someone else said.

A few people did offer some additional suggestions, though.

“All they needed was a bath and body works Sun ripened raspberry bottle,” one person said.

“They should of included a Dawson’s Creek poster,” another suggested. “Give it full blown 90’s vibe.”

Obviously, they couldn’t capture every little cultural moment from the ‘90s, but the ones they did include are pretty spot-on. That said, as nostalgic as all of this is, it’s also a total trip to see your childhood already considered “historical.”

“Oh my god,” commented one person. “There’s no way I’m at a ‘historical’ age. I was just in my 20s!”

“I remember thinking that I would never see them catch up to where I was as a kid,” another person added. “And they nailed it and I need to lay down.”

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