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A $110,000 MicroLED TV? In this economy?

Why buy a home in a mid-sized city when you could watch TV harder than anyone else.


Who needs to save for college when your kids can enjoy the infinite contrast and eight million glorious points of light in Samsung's new MicroLED TVs, which now start at the low price of $110,000. Available in 89-inch, 101-inch ($130,000) and 114-inch ($150,000) sizes, MicroLED TVs offer all of the benefits of OLED — super dark blacks and bold colors — but without the reasonable price points reachable by lowly commoners.

Envelope yourself with Samsung's 3D Arena sound, which includes Dolby Atmos, Object Tracking Sound Pro and AI powered voice amplification. Behold the MICRO AI processor, which upscales everything into 4K (never mind that every TV offers pretty decent upscaling today). When you proudly reveal the price of your MicroLED TV, remember your friends won't be laughing at you — they're just jealous.

Unfortunately, Samsung isn't throwing in a $8,000 8K set and luxury hotel stay with these MicroLED TVs, as it did in South Korea.