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'A little pint of heaven': This $22 ice cream maker works in 30 minutes

Your summer is about to get a lot sweeter — grab this little gadget while it's hot.

One of the best parts about summer is that it’s basically a green light to eat ice cream for 90 days straight. While there are plenty of fun flavors at the grocery store to overindulge in, opening up a pint of our favorite frozen dessert isn’t quite the same experience as making it yourself. I know what you’re thinking: Who has time to make ice cream? Well, that point is moot when you have the Dash My Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker at the ready. Don’t have one? Don’t fret. You can get one of these babies at Amazon for just $22!

A single serving of the good stuff coming right up! This little guy lets you make homemade ice cream ... at home.

$22 at Amazon

Dash has become the Internet’s go-to brand for tiny appliances. Most notably, people love the mini waffle maker that comes in different shapes like a heart for Valentine’s Day. Now that it’s summer, we’re setting our focus on its popular personal ice cream maker.

This ice cream maker is easy to use and it churns out a single serving of ice cream in just 30 minutes! It does take some planning — the ice cream container needs to go in the freezer overnight and the cream and other ingredients need to be chilled well before you can churn. But once everything is ready, you just pour one cup of your cream mixture into the frozen container, pop on the top and hit the power button. This little gadget then slowly mixes the ingredients as it freezes — the idea is to keep the mix moving so it doesn’t form ice crystals.

Not only can you have homemade ice cream anytime you want, but you can experiment with different flavors and different types of liquid — you can try almond milk, coconut milk, yogurt or rice milk to make your personal dessert. But if you need guidance, the ice cream maker comes with a recipe booklet to get you started on your ice cream adventures.

On top of all that, if you don’t have a ton of freezer or storage space, you don’t have to miss out on homemade frozen treats.

ice cream maker and ice cream
Your summer is about to get a whole lot more chill. (Photo: Amazon)

Thousands of Amazon shoppers are already dipping their spoons into custom custards — it has over 4,600 five-star reviews for a few different reasons.

You can use it to mix up ingredients to their liking. One customer says it makes 'a little pint of heaven', but others use it because they can’t eat regular ice cream.

“I have IBS and have issues with regular ice cream,” one delighted shopper wrote. “Dairy-free ice cream is crazy expensive at the grocery store and doesn't taste good. This little ice cream maker is my new favorite kitchen appliance! I whip up a batch of ice cream every other day….It's fun to think of new creations. No digestive issues at all and an ice cream I can control the ingredients of!”

“Low on freezer space? Don't want a honking 15" cube taking up most of your freezer?” asked a savvy shopper. “This is just why I got this. The cup is about the size of a large mug. It makes about 10 oz or 1 cup of great ice cream in only 8 minutes. I made a killer matcha and put the freezie-cup back in to make a triple strawberry by dinner … Love this and the space-saving. Might not work if you are more into the air-fluff-style ice cream. But for us, this makes enough for 4 servings of dense deliciousness.”

“Y’all, I’m not a patient person,” wrote one eager eater. “I leave the bowl in the freezer for half as long as directed, don’t chill the mix at all, let it churn for about 12 min when most people say 20, and it STILL gets thick enough for a spoon to stand upright. (I also overfill the bowl like a fool, so it’s way thicker toward the bottom.) I can only imagine how good it would be if I actually followed directions lol.”

Easy, peasy ice cream just the way you like it — in 30 minutes.

$22 at Amazon

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