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'A MUST-buy for any vacation': This No. 1 bestselling handheld fan is on sale for $14 — 40% off

If this month is any indication, summer's going to be a scorcher. Don't get us wrong; after a long chilly winter, we're hankering for the heat as much as the next guy, but we all know there are days coming up that'll be downright infernal — you know, the ones where even sitting in the shade can be a schvitzy, stuffy ordeal. That's when a personal fan becomes your best friend, especially if the gizmo in question is the Jisulife 3-in-1 Handheld Fan with its fan base (heh, heh) of more than 41,000 chill shoppers.

Beat the heat with this No.1 bestselling handheld fan, which also has a built-in USB power bank and flashlight.
$18 at Amazon

This personal fan is over 40% off. That's already a great deal — but it also matches the lowest price of the year so far. Go ahead and grab this deal before it runs out (and before things heat up!)

The first thing you might notice about this ingenious device is its adorable bear-shaped design and the pretty colors it comes in. But it doesn't sacrifice function for form! It provides up to 21 hours of cooling time when fully charged and folds down into a little tube less than five inches long for space-saving transport. Speaking of charging: The Jisulife includes a built-in USB power bank and flashlight, making it pretty much everything you need while you're on the go. Keep one in your bag or pocket when it's downright sweltering out — future-you will be so thankful! And even if you're planning more of a staycation this season, this small wonder can be folded in half, propped up and used as a desk fan to beat the heat.

Not only will this compact cub help you stay cool while you're braving the lines at Disney or spending time in nature, it'll also keep your phone juiced up. We've all experienced the horror of noticing our battery is at 13% with zero outlets in sight, so having this nifty gadget on hand is absolutely essential. At night, the flashlight function is really useful when you're digging around your bag for your keys or need help seeing where you're going.

With so many uses, you'll probably wonder what you ever did without it. Keep reading to see why thousands of reviewers thought it was worthy of their five-star seal of approval.

the handheld fan in four colors
The bare necessities: Customers trust this fan to keep them cool and comfortable. (Amazon)

With more than 41,000 fans satisfying fans, this is one club you want to be part of.

"Must-buy for Disney!" exclaimed one enthusiastic shopper. "I love this fan so much! I take it with me on every trip to Disney World. Every time I am in the park, I get asked by 10-plus people for the link to this product. It's lightweight, foldable, has a good battery life and blows amazing cold air. This is the only way I could enjoy Disney World in the summer. Highly recommend."

Another reviewer called it a "summer essential," adding, "It fits perfectly in my purse. Comes in handy in the Louisiana heat. Battery life lasted for about two weeks for me. Also, the flashlight is very bright and the perfect addition."

It's useful for another, more personal kind of heatwave too: Many reviewers of a certain age have found this to be an absolute lifesaver. "I’m a mature woman and often get hot flashes," said one happy customer. "This handheld mini fan is a godsend! It doesn’t take up much room, holds a charge nicely and you can set it on a table and point it at you as well. As a safety measure, it has an automatic cutoff if you hit the blades on anything. It was a good deal. I’m very happy with my purchase."

This would-be hot-and-bothered devotee owns four and agrees: "Perfect for camping or hotel or hot flashes."

"A fan, flashlight and power bank!" trumpeted one satisfied customer. "It is inexpensive and worked amazingly! Kept me cool during the 100-degree Florida heat. It lasted the entire day at the amusement park. The power bank got my dying phone charged right back up. This is a MUST-buy for any vacation."

If you're using this outside, you won't notice any issues — but inside, it might be a little loud. "The only downside is that it's a tiny bit noisy, certainly not a deal breaker, but I don't think I'd want to use this somewhere that needs quiet."

Shoppers have also said it can be a bit tough to open, and that a handle would help. "My only complaint is that it should have a knob to pull when opening. Otherwise, it cools you down well! It's sturdy and rechargeable." Another buyer said the same: "The only complaint is opening it is a little challenging to me but other than that I highly recommend!"

'It's lightweight, foldable, has a good battery life and blows amazing cold air,' says one impressed reviewer. The pink is the best deal of the bunch, but we adore all five colors.

$20 at Amazon

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