Adam Levine and Behati Front Jacquie Aiche’s Rebel Heart Campaign

Jacquie Aiche has tapped Adam Levine and well known model Behati Prinsloo to front her “Rebel Heart” campaign.

“We started working with Behati in 2014,” Aiche said of her muse “At this time, it really felt like we were still in our early years, so it was both magical and essential to find a muse that was in alignment with the energy that we wanted to share through the jewelry. Behati was a client first and I loved seeing the way she styled the jewels and what pieces she was most captivated by. Energy and intention are everything to me — and a big part of everything we do here. It was clear to me that Behati was intentional with the energy that she brought into the world.”

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According to the Los Angeles-based jeweler, her Rebel Heart campaign takes inspiration from her enduring passion for creativity and self-expression, and she wanted it to channel a sensuality and romance, while capturing the deep bond that two lovers can share, making the couple the ideal muses. “The energy that Adam and Behati give off in the jewels, both independently and together, encapsulates everything that came to mind when I was working on this collection. It’s all about sharing your own light with the world. With Adam and Behati, they’re both so positive and so energetic, you could just feel the electricity between them on set.”

Adam & Behati
Adam Levine and Behati in Jacquie Aiche’s Rebel Heart campaign.

The pieces use the free-spirited energy Aiche is known for with her collections, incorporating a mix talismans, classic diamond pieces, crystals and semiprecious gemstones — all meant, she said, to provide healing, love and happiness to its owner. “I found myself drawn to gemstones like tourmaline and tanzanite, which inspire an open heart, consciousness, balance and more,” she said. “I was feeling a desire to expand and discover new ways to work with these beautiful stones. I also was feeling drawn to big diamonds and gold pieces, fit for the rock star in all of us.”

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