Aldi Has a $15 Look-Alike of KitchenAid's Most Underrated Product

It may become your most useful kitchen item yet.



Aldi does not disappoint when it comes to offering solid products that look and perform like the more expensive name brands. Last month, we were all about the $10 Williams-Sonoma look-alike glassware set. Not long before that, everyone was talking about that copycat Nutribullet that retailed for only $30 compared to $60.

Now, Aldi has done it again. This time, the popular retailer has another must-have home item you’ll think is a KitchenAid product—until you look at the price.

Aldi’s Ambiano Cordless Car Vacuum

Aldi’s Ambiano cordless car vacuum looks a lot like the KitchenAid Go cordless vacuum actress Jennifer Garner was gifting everyone over the holidays, but there’s one huge difference: the cost.

While Garner was excited last December about the KitchenAid version being sold at a discounted price of $80 (the original price was $100), the Ambiano cordless car vacuum comes in at just $14.99—and that’s without a discount.



Sure, it says it’s for the car, but this little baby is also perfect for cleaning up kitchen messes like a pro, thanks to its long nozzle (similar to KitchenAid’s) that can take out residual dust or tiny crumbs from all those hard to reach corners.

Plus, it has an LED light to help illuminate any dark nooks and crannies in the home that need a good cleaning but are hard to see in the shadows.

The transparent dust tank (which is also almost identical to KitchenAid’s) is easy to open, and the HEPA filter can be cleaned and reused repeatedly, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it.

Whether you use this cordless vacuum in the car or in the kitchen, one thing is for sure: You can’t beat this price. A vacuum may not be the most exciting item to buy, but it’s a necessity for the home, and when it’s just $15, it makes this purchase an easy decision.

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