Aldi’s Latest Crate & Barrel Copycat Is the $3 Kitchen Update You Need

They make great gifts too!



Aldi knows how to impress fans with its Crofton cookware brand. From the Mini Awesome Pan to the popular Le Creuset copycat, the grocer continues to put out new items that fit customers’ styles and budgets.

You can use these versatile pans for a variety of dishes, from skillet cornbread to garlicky shrimp scampi, and even desserts like strawberry spoon cake. Besides proper cleaning, one of the most important aspects of caring for your cookware is ensuring that your utensils won’t scratch up your investment.

Just in time for your summer cooking adventures, Aldi has a new Crate & Barrel copycat that will brighten your kitchen and keep your pans looking great.

Aldi’s Crofton Beechwood and Silicone Utensils

Aldi's beechwood and silicone utensils are only $2.99 each and have a sleek look similar to Crate & Barrel's version. Both have a wooden handle with their brand name imprinted near the bottom and a colorful silicone top. While Crate & Barrel offers a more expansive collection, Aldi's version covers the essential tools you reach for often.

The Crofton Beechwood and Silicone Utensil collection includes whisks, turners, slotted spoons, solid spoons, and brushes. Each utensil is available in peach, blue, or white. The utensils are sold individually, so you can choose to mix and match colors or create a full matching set.



Besides aesthetics, silicone and beechwood make an excellent combination when it comes to cooking. Silicone is a smart choice because it is heat resistant and can easily be cleaned. A wooden handle provides the sturdiness you need when mixing up a thick batter for brownies or flipping burgers.

This is a limited-time Aldi Find, running May 15-21 or while supplies last, so we recommend heading to the store to grab a set before they're gone!

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