Aldi’s Newest Kitchen Gadget Is One You Will Use Every Day—And It’s Only $3

Chopping fresh garlic has never been easier.



There are two reasons why I keep jarred minced garlic—also known as "jarlic"—in my refrigerator at all times. I don't always have fresh garlic on hand (or what I have has gone bad because I didn't use it up fast enough), or I don't feel like chopping garlic. I have to peel it, then get a knife and mince tiny pieces of garlic into smaller pieces. It's not my favorite thing at the end of a long day, and my hands end up smelling like garlic.

I make no apologies for using jarred garlic. But I'd probably waste less fresh garlic if cutting it was faster and didn't infuse my hands with its pungent smell. I've had a handheld garlic press before, but I found it awkward to use and difficult to clean.

Aldi is selling a kitchen gadget that looks like it can do the work of a garlic press without the tough-to-clean issue.

Aldi’s New Crofton Garlic Dicer

If you already have the "perfect kitchen gadget," a vegetable chopper that makes short work of chopping just about any vegetable, you won't need the new Crofton garlic dicer found in the Aldi Finds aisle. That "perfect" tool will chop your garlic for you, but it also costs up to $50.

The $2.99 garlic dicer that Aldi is selling is like a mini version of that vegetable chopper. Put a clove or two of garlic on top of the cutting grates, close the lid, and the garlic will run through the grates and fall into the container below, fully diced. It's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. With it, you can make buttery garlic green beans or creamy garlic pasta quickly without reaching for the "jarlic."



In addition to the garlic dicer, Aldi also has a mini citrus juicer with a two-tablespoon glass jar under it to catch the juice and a zester that grates hard cheeses, chocolate, citrus, cinnamon, and more—both are also $2.99.

These three small kitchen tools hit Aldi shelves on April 3 for a limited time (usually about a week). When they sell out, they aren't likely to be restocked.

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