Aldi's Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies Are A Total Nutter Butter Copycat

Aldi brand peanut butter cookies
Aldi brand peanut butter cookies - Amy Michele Lambert/Facebook

Nutter Butter combines the wholesome taste of peanut butter with a crispy, crunchy cookie for a snack that's truly one of a kind -- or is it? Aldi shoppers can enjoy an affordable and allegedly tasty alternative to this popular baked good thanks to Benton's Peanut Butter Crème Cookies. While Benton's peanut butter cookies don't come in Nutter Butter's distinctive peanut shape, they do seem to rival the original in quality. Aldi is known for its copycat products, which come from private-label brands that work with the chain exclusively. In many cases, these products are just as appealing as name brands, albeit at a far more reasonable price.

Consider that Benton's peanut butter cookies cost just $3.05 for a 16-ounce package, according to Aldi's online shopping portal. Conversely, a 16-ounce pack of Nutter Butter cookies retail for $4.88 when purchased from the Walmart website. Although prices often vary from location to location, many Aldi customers could save slightly less than $2 on every package they purchase. While cost savings are certainly good, quality is equally important. As it turns out, Aldi's peanut butter cookies have received some glowing reviews so far.

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Nothing But The Best For Aldi Shoppers

Aldi cashier helping customers
Aldi cashier helping customers - Scott Olson/Getty Images

An Aldi customer on Reddit declared that the store's version of Nutter Butter cookies were among the "best" duplications the store had to offer. Many commenters co-signed this statement, delighting in the rich flavor and crunchy texture of these cookies. According to one person, "I just saw these at my Aldi for the first time this weekend and bought them! They are soooo good!" The OP also claimed, "Honestly if I didn't see the package I wouldn't know the difference."

Despite the high praise these cookies received, not every shopper is lucky enough to score a box of their own. Many people expressed frustration that they couldn't secure the Benton's peanut butter cookies in their local Aldi. "I haven't seen these at my Aldi yet (E. Tenn., US), but I'm pumped about getting them!" stated one commenter, while another lamented, "I've never seen these at my store." Much like the elusive Aldi Finds (which are limited-time items often found in the center of the store), the chain's version of Nutter Butter cookies is sometimes hard to track down.

Who Makes Benton's Peanut Butter Cookies?

Aldi storefront daytime
Aldi storefront daytime - Alan Morris/Getty Images

It's a question that has plagued fans of Aldi for ages: What are the brands behind the store's beloved items? Unfortunately, this query is not easily answered. In most cases, businesses are not willing to reveal the brands behind their private-label products because the manufacturers don't want the information known. This is especially true when the business also makes name-brand products, as consumers are more likely to purchase the cheaper product when they know that it's made by the same company.

It's worth noting that Mondelēz International Foodservice is the name behind Nutter Butter cookies. However, there's no indication that the brand makes private-label goods for Aldi under the Benton's banner. Aldi shoppers on Reddit have made their own best guesses, including Keebler and Nabisco, but that's only based on the impressive quality of Benton's cookie selection. While it's unlikely that Aldi will reveal the true manufacturer of its private label products, shoppers can still enjoy a worthy cookie substitute while also keeping their grocery bill in check.

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