Tyler Stanaland's Departure From The O Group May Give A Hint About His Relationship With Alex Hall

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Are Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland Dating?Samir Hussein - Getty Images

Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall made huge waves during the Selling The OC season 2—and I'm not just talking about in that infamous hot tub makeout scene.

ICYMI, Tyler was vocal about his ongoing divorce with Pitch Perfect actress Brittany Snow throughout the new season. Meanwhile, Alex was there to offer her support. They claimed that their relationship was purely platonic to multiple other O Group agents, but any viewer could see that some pretty obvious sexual tension had been building up between them.

By the end of season 2, neither could deny there was an insatiable spark between them. It was clearly not the most opportune time for Tyler to start a relationship. But, hey, the heart wants what it wants—and what it wanted in the season finale was a super steamy kiss in a hot tub with a hot coworker.

However, it seems that'll be the last Selling the OC fans see of these relationship, as Tyler revealed exclusively to PEOPLE in October 2023 that he had left the O Group.

What's more, Alex was recently seen smooching a mystery (definitely not Tyler) man, per PEOPLE. So maybe the hot tub kiss was less true love's kiss and more the kiss of death for Tyler and Alex's friendship.

Here's everything to know about the coworkers-turned-couple-turned-not-coworkers' current relationship status:

Both Tyler and Alex seem to have moved on.

The former Selling The OC star will be working alongside his father, John Stanaland, at Douglas Elliman, per PEOPLE. Tyler said the decision to leave his previous agency was not easy, but "the right decision for me and my clients," per the publication. He also claimed his motivations to leave the O Group were purely professional, and not personal.

A month before Tyler's career announcement, in September 2023, Alex was spotted kissing a mystery man on the street, per PEOPLE. This was only a few weeks after she and Tyler seemed particularly cozy during an Instagram live (more on that later), so it's unclear where their relationship stood at that point.

Either way, Alex hasn't appeared out publicly with the unidentified beau since, and it seems like she's living her best single life from the looks of her Instagram right now.

Is Tyler officially divorced now?

Yes. Tyler and ex-wife Brittany Snow finalized their divorce in July 2023, according to People. The couple got married in March 2020, and were together for a little over two years before announcing their separation in September 2022.

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Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland finalized their divorce in July 2023. John Shearer - Getty Images

"This decision was made with love and mutual respect for one another," Tyler wrote in a statement on Instagram last year, per US Weekly. "We have realized we need to take some time and make sure we are each living our most fulfilling and authentic lives."

Is Alex Hall divorced?

Yes. Throughout her appearances on Selling The OC, Alex Hall has alluded to her ex-husband, to whom she was married for seven years, per Distractify. Other than clarifying that she shares two children with him, Alex has remained mum about her previous marriage.

However, this past season, Alex was able to help Tyler through the emotions of his own divorce proceedings, as she had been through it before.

How did Tyler and Alex's relationship progress in season 2?

Dedicated Selling the OC fans will know that Alex and Tyler go way back—like all the way to high school—so their relationship already has tons of history. The pair shared a lot of sweet moments throughout this season, including many emotional conversations about Tyler's divorce.

Then, in the final episode, Tyler gets deep and confesses his feelings for Alex. "You've been there to support me and laugh with me and cry with me. Then, ultimately I find myself thinking about you," Tyler says in the episode. "I would be lying if I said I didn't think about us being more than friends."

Alex doesn't hold back on presenting her reservations about pursuing a relationship with Tyler. She reasons that she's a professional business woman and a mom, so she isn't looking for something casual.

Nonetheless, the sexual tension is pretty undeniable, and Tyler goes in for a kiss. The two share a very passionate moment, and then the episode just ends!

So... are Alex Hall and Tyler dating now?

It doesn't appear so, sadly. It's unclear what exactly went down after that kiss, "obviously, [the relationship] changed because we kissed," Alex told Women's Health. "He poured his heart out. I am not made of stone, [so] things changed." Still, despite those changes, Alex added that she has "no regrets" about what happened in season two.

"It's a funny thing to explore in any circumstance—let alone within an office—and I think you kind of see that all happen. But, you know, we're still here. We're still really good friends," Tyler also said. "And I think, if anything, that that has kind of brought us closer, which is funny."

Tyler also recently said the pair were "still navigating" the aftereffects of the kiss. "I think we’re still navigating our friendship," he told US Weekly. "We remain really close friends, and I don’t have an answer [on where we stand] for you at the moment."

Rumors have been circulating about their budding relationship for several months, so they may have even dated and broken up already. In an Instagram Live video from early September, Alex is busy introducing members of the O Group when Polly yells "Tylex!" and points at Alex and Tyler. Obviously, she's giving them a couple name, and that *definitely* seems to hint that things are still going strong with them. Or at least the kiss didn't totally ruin their close friendship.

Ultimately, the O Group agents' lips are sealed—for now.

Selling The OC season three "will give you a better idea of what happened [after the kiss], and the ins and outs," Alex said. "...I think you'll get your answers."

In the meantime, you can watch the first two seasons of Selling The OC on Netflix now.

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