Ali Wong and Bill Hader’s Complete Relationship Timeline

Ali Wong and Bill Hader’s Complete Relationship Timeline

Comedians Ali Wong and Bill Hader are dating, which came as a surprise to many after they kissed on camera at the 81st annual Golden Globe Awards.

Despite the widespread shock, the two are—and have been—in a relationship.

ali wong and bill hader
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Before getting together, Wong and Hader were each married. In 2006, Hader married film director Maggie Carey, and they had three daughters together. Come 2017, news broke that the couple had split, and by 2018, their divorce was finalized.

In November 2014, Wong wed entrepreneur Justin Hakuta, and together they had two daughters. But in April 2022, a rep for Wong confirmed that they were no longer together.

By fall of that same year, Wong and Hader were rumored to be an item.

Ahead is their complete relationship timeline thus far.

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Fall 2022

According to Page Six, Wong and Hader were first linked in the fall following their splits from their respective partners.

December 2022

Per the above Page Six article, Wong and Hader’s relationship was short-lived, and by December, the couple had reportedly called it quits.

April 2023

April 16

In an interview with Collider, Hader let slip that he was in a relationship, and various news outlets confirmed with sources that his girlfriend was in fact Wong, and that the pair was giving their romance a second chance.

April 18

Just two days later, ET reported that a rep for Hader confirmed their relationship.

“Bill Hader and Ali Wong are dating again,” the rep revealed.

April 19

The next day, Page Six obtained exclusive photos of the couple packing on the PDA. While celebrating Wong’s 41st birthday, the comedians went on a hike together, and the pictures showed them kissing and smiling while holding hands.

April 26

An insider revealed to Us Weekly that Wong and Hader were very happy in their relationship.

“They’re actually perfect for each other,” the source said. “They have a lot in common. They both have kids, they both have warped senses of humor, and their chemistry is apparently off the charts.”

May 2023

May 30

In May 2023, Wong did an interview with Variety to talk about her series Beef, and during that conversation, she commented on how her love life is now a public spectacle.

“It’s so weird. I can’t even explain it. I have never, ever been snapped by paparazzi until this year,” Wong told Variety. “I was talking to someone recently, and they said, ‘I think it’s so alarming when it happens because you feel like you’ve been caught when really, you’re not doing anything wrong.’ It was someone giving me, in hindsight, advice about their former relationship with a famous person. They had spent so much energy hiding, and that defined the whole relationship. That’s still staying with me, and it’s quite an adjustment.”

In that same interview, Wong also explained how her relationship has impacted her comedy.

“I’m not single now, but I was single for a long time after I got divorced. It was so compelling to talk about my life as a single woman. When practicing, I was in the habit of talking as if I was still single. What’s strange is now [my romantic life] is public information. For me, stand-up is still an abstraction of truth—it does not represent the whole me. Out of respect for my relationship, I have to practice putting them in the past tense,” she shared.

January 2024

January 7

At the 81st annual Golden Globes, Wong and Hader were each other’s dates for the ceremony. Wong, who was nominated for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology Series, or a Motion Picture Made for Television for Beef, shared a kiss with Hader before tearfully making her way to the stage as the camera panned towards them after announcing her as the winner.

bill hader ali wong golden globes 2024
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January 14

At the Critics’ Choice Awards, the couple shared an on-screen kiss once again before Wong went onstage to accept her award for Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television.

29th annual critics choice awards show
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January 15

Another victory, another kiss. After Wong’s historic win at the delayed 2023 Emmy Awards as the first Asian woman to win an Emmy for a lead role, she and Hader gave each other another peck on the lips in front of the camera.

January 25

Reportedly, Wong and Hader are ready to take their relationship to the next level. An insider revealed that the couple is “ready to blend families.”

According to the source, marriage is “very much on the table.”

“They have a really strong foundation,” they said.

“Friends know that they’re going to go the distance,” a second source added. “They’re both at ease and [obsessed] with each other at the same time.”

February 2024

February 28

In some photos obtained by Daily Mail, Hader and Wong were seen walking arm-in-arm in Los Angeles. The couple had just come from a casual breakfast date at Farmshop restaurant in Santa Monica.

March 2024

March 18

In mid-March, the comedians were spotted on another date. This time, Wong and Hader were photographed laughing together as they walked down the street after stopping for some coffee.

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