Alicia Keys Reflects on Reasons for Ditching Makeup

In an interview with InStyle, Alicia Keys discussed her decision to stop wearing makeup in 2016. She explained how the decision was liberating. She also touched upon her beauty brand and its latest product offerings. The renowned artist, known for hits like “Girl on Fire,” opened up about the highs and lows she experienced early in her career. These experiences prompted her to prioritize spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Keys emphasized the significance of building a relationship with oneself. According to her, understanding how to manage emotions and stress factors is crucial in finding inner peace and revealing one’s true beauty from within. The artist’s personal journey also influenced how she wanted to present herself to the public. When she famously decided to go makeup-free in 2016, it was a rebellious act that went beyond cosmetics. It was a means of reconnecting with her authentic self, she says.

During that period, Keys was getting to know herself better, and she aimed to challenge societal beauty standards and the expectations placed on women. She fearlessly displayed her own definition of beauty.

“As I started to develop a deeper connection with myself, I realized it’s not about anything specific,” Keys explained to InStyle, referring to the external trappings of beauty.

While Keys has now resumed wearing makeup, she continues to emphasize that it’s a personal choice, not an attempt to conform to external beauty ideals. The focus is on self-expression and defining one’s own boundaries.

“It’s not about makeup or no makeup, mascara or no mascara, lipstick or no lipstick. It’s about how you want to express yourself and the space you want to claim for yourself,” Keys emphasized.

Keys Soulcare Beauty Brand

Applying her lessons, Keys launched her beauty brand, Keys Soulcare, in September 2020. The brand offers a range of products that she refers to as “offerings” designed to enhance natural beauty. Recently, she introduced an affordable and easy-to-use skin tint, catering to women who prefer a simple approach to makeup.

Keys acknowledges that different occasions call for different levels of makeup, depending on whether she’s performing or simply relaxing. The emphasis is on versatility and empowering individuals to make choices that align with their preferences.

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