Alicia Mccarvell blasts body-shamers who 'hate being held accountable publicly'

The Canadian influencer pointed out Nov. 9 marked Social Media Kindness Day.

HAMILTON, ONTARIO - SEPTEMBER 16: Alicia Mccarvell and Scott Mccarvell attend the 2023 Canadian Country Music Awards at FirstOntario Concert Hall on September 16, 2023 in Hamilton, Ontario. (Photo by Jeremy Chan/Getty Images)
Alicia Mccarvell is clapping back at haters commenting on her body and marriage. (Jeremy Chan/Getty)

Alicia Mccarvell is firing back at body-shamers leaving comments on her posts.

The Canadian body-confidence influencer took to her Instagram stories on Wednesday night, trying out the platform's new feature that allows users to share comments to their story.

Mccarvell posted several, writing she'd be "highlighting a few a——— for everyone." One comment, left under a reel with her husband Scott, read "I think he just likes fat women who don't take care of themselves."

Another commentator on a reel of her trying on a purple gown wrote "literally huge," while another read, "Girl. You [are] getting bigger and bigger... [jeez]."

Then, filming herself in her car, Mccarvell said the people she put on blast weren't happy with her move.

Mccarvell shared some body-shaming comments left on her posts. (Instagram/@aliciamccarvell)
Mccarvell shared some body-shaming comments left on her posts. (Instagram/@aliciamccarvell)

"It's been brought to my attention that the people who are commenting trash on Instagram do not like the 'share comment to your stories' feature that Instagram has now put in. And I mean, why would they?" she questioned sarcastically.

"It's not like they didn't post it on a public platform for people to publicly see — the public things that they said about somebody — publicly."

The influencer implied haters were hypocritical for not wanting their public comments highlighted, adding they "hate being held accountable publicly."

In another story, she added Nov. 9 marks Social Media Kindness Day.

"Why do we need a day of kindness on a place that should just inherently just always be kind? Just let that sink in," she claimed. "The internet is so mean."

Alicia Mccarvell (Instagram/@aliciamccarvell)
The influencer said haters were hypocritical for not wanting their public comments highlighted. (Instagram/@aliciamccarvell)

Mccarvell then joked, "You know what? I'm going to be kind to the bullies. ... That's what I'm going to do — I'm going to be kind to the a———."

The Halifax-based influencer then boasted about her purple dress in the video that received many hate comments.

"Some of these comments I just can't take seriously. Like the level of delusional you have to be to have to look at me in this dress and say I don't look good," she said.

"I look so luxurious in this dress. Comment 'you don't look good,' please, get your eyes checked."

Earlier this week, Mccarvell shared a reel of her husband in a "hilarious" purple grape suit. She said Scott did it for her campaign, "no questions asked," despite haters telling her "there's no way that man loves you."

Her followers chimed in with support, praising Scott's commitment.

"I have so many questions about this and none of them are why that man loves you," one quipped.

"You got yourself a real man and most people are jealous," a person commented.

"What a grape guy! I can see the raisin you love him!" another punned.

"It's amazing how loud other people's insecurities are. It's also really sad that truly the amount of people who've never [had] genuine love. Because no one would say this if they did," someone else claimed.

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