Canadian influencer calls out 'garbage' beauty standards: 'They are harmful'

Alicia Mccarvell spoke candidly about beauty standards on TikTok. (Photo via instagram/aliciamccarvell)
Canadian influencer Alicia Mccarvell spoke candidly about beauty standards on TikTok. (Photo via Instagram/aliciamccarvell)

Alicia Mccarvell is done with what society deems to be beautiful.

On Wednesday, the Canadian influencer took to TikTok to share a candid video about beauty standards and how they are 'harmful' to society.

On social media, Mccarvell often calls out important issues such as self-love, body confidence and size inclusivity, which has gained her a following of 5.7 million people.

In the clip, the Nova Scotia-native began by lip syncing to a popular Ariana Grande TikTok sound, where the singer says: "I could have said, wrote some songs about Ricky, never mind he's trash." Mccarvell stared at the screen and replied: "And I did, I f— said it, and I'll say it again."

Mccarvell's words referred to the text she wrote on the screen, which read: "I could have said: Beauty standards are trash and hurt both the people who fit them and those who do not."

In the caption, the social media hero voiced her opinions about today's beauty standards.

"Beauty standards are garbage. Whether you benefit from them or not they are harmful," she penned alongside the eight second clip.

In the comments, fans agreed with Mccarvell's assessment and thanked her for speaking out about such an important topic.

"I care more about what toppings people like on their pizzas than what they look like," commented a follower.

"Beauty standards hurt all women. Say it louder for the people in the back!" added another.

"Yes! Thank you for your voice and for speaking out about this!" shared someone else.

"We should never comment on anyone's bodies or looks. Thanks for reminding everyone to disregard what society tells us is "beautiful" and just go live your life!" wrote a fan.

Last week, the influencer shared a series of photos of her and her husband, Scott Mccarvell, on Instagram, which she paired with an emotional caption about the "grief" she associated with her self-conscious past.

"This past weekend Scott and I were at the beach, and while we were swimming I was followed by this overwhelming feeling of grief. I am so proud of my journey and how far I have come, but I would be lying to you if I told you it didn’t come with grief," she began in the caption.

Later in the post, Mccarvell explained how she's using her past as a motivator to live her best life.

"Every time I experience a joy that I know I’ve deprived myself of in the past, I grieve the years I lost not doing it," she added. "...I grieve because I could have been a better friend, a better partner, a better sister. I grieve because my life could have been fuller. I grieve because I know I’ll never get that time back. I grieve because it’s part of the process."

Mccarvell ended the caption with a motivational message for her fans.

"Please know that as you learn to live your life for you, as you separate your worth from your body and as you start to allow yourself joy — grief will be there, and it is a sign of success," she concluded.

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