'Dear belly....I'm sorry': Alicia Mccarvell opens up about her body in emotional post

The content creator is known for her empowering and body positive content.

Alicia Mccarvell is opening up.

On Tuesday morning, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share an emotional letter to herself that apologized for the times she hasn't loved her body.

The TikTok star paired the powerful message with a set of mirror selfies. She posed in unzipped jeans and a black tank top.

The first photo included on-screen text that read: "Dear belly."

"Dear Belly," she repeated in the caption. "I’m sorry for the tape I used to hide my belly button, but I couldn’t stand thinking the crevice made me look like a glutton."

"I’m sorry for punching you when I was so angry with your sight," Mccarvell continued. "I’m sorry for stuffing you in tight spandex, because I was afraid of seeing your lines. I thought if everything was smooth it would make me feel alright."

She further apologized for flinching when her husband touched her skin, as well as "villainizing" her stretch marks and bumps.

"You didn’t deserve to only be loved on in the dark," the 32-year-old concluded. "I'm sorry."

In the comments, fans praised the self-love advocate's "beautifully written" letter.

"This is amazing. Thank you," an Instagram user commented, while another added, "Thank you for your vulnerability."

"This just moved me to tears," someone else wrote. "Thank you for sharing, and for playing a role in my progress."

"That made me cry. Realizing I've done all that and more to my poor, innocent belly," a fan shared.

One person penned: "This was beautifully written. Thank you so much for sharing. You are an inspiration."

In July, Mccarvell shared a poem about embracing her body and acknowledging its many forms.

"This body has been there, even when I struggled to be it's placed its feet on the ground, and found the strength to carry me," she wrote, adding that her body is ferocious and kind, even when she didn't have much self-confidence.

The social media star further shared that she eventually learned to treat herself with respect, as it's the only body she'll ever get.

"This body is my home, even when I need a vacation. It has a way of reminding me, I'm one hell of a creation," Mccarvell concluded.

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