Alyssa Milano reflects on 'last times' she’s had while raising her kids

Alyssa Milano talks about the last moments that come with parenting. (Photo: JC Olivera/WireImage)
Alyssa Milano talks about the last moments that come with parenting. (Photo: JC Olivera/WireImage)

Alyssa Milano just shared an Instagram post many parents are finding relatable.

The 50-year-old actress posted a sweet photo of her daughter Bella, 8, asleep next to her in bed, with a caption reminiscing on important lasts Milano remembers from raising her children.

“I think about 'last times' a lot,” the Charmed alum wrote. “I can’t remember the last time I breastfed Milo. He was just done. With Bella, I’ve tried so hard to be aware of everything. I know the last time I breastfed her. I remember it vividly."

“The last time I fed anyone from my body," she continued. "I knew it was coming to an end. I saw it coming. We were in a MyGym class. She had just turned 2. There was a loud noise, she got scared, and she said, ‘chi chi mama.’ She soothed herself and that was it. She was done. That part was over."

Milano added that she hopes these kids "find this post" in the future.

"I hope they’re reminded of the warmth of my bed," she wrote. "And who knows—this may be the last time she sleeps with me. (Doubt it but that’s the whole point. You just never know.) Lasts! Lasts are hard.”

Milano's followers applauded the message in her comments section.

New York Times bestselling author Laura Day commented, "This is a beautiful post that every mother just wept to."

“Beautiful,” added Rosie O’Donnell.

A fan shared, “I feel this. I only have 1 child so all the firsts are also lasts. No do-overs or try-agains with a next kid." A second added, "I identify with that very much."

This is not the first time Milano has discussed the idea of "lasts" with her children. In 2020, the Give Me an A actress posted a photo holding her son, describing how she tries to take a mental note of every time she holds him, just in case it's the last.

"I can still hold him. I’m terrified I won’t remember the very last time I held him," she wrote. "So every once and a while I hold him and I try and make a mental note of the day and time just in case it’s the last. I wish I remembered the last time I breast fed him but he weened himself one day out of the clear blue sky."

Milano shares her two children Milo and Bella with husband David Bugliari. The actress recently posted a holiday snap of the family of four posing in front of a wintery background.

“Happy New Year! What are your intentions for 2023?” the Who's the Boss? star asked her followers.

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