This $24 pet hair-removing roller has more than 23,000 reviews on Amazon

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A top-rated Amazon product helps make it easier to clean pet hair. (Image via Getty Images)
A top-rated Amazon product helps make it easier to clean pet hair. (Image via Getty Images)

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There's nothing quite like the love and friendship of having a pet. But even though we love our four-legged friends like family, there's one nuisance that can be extremely frustrating: pet hair.

If you have a pet that sheds, you know how that no matter how many times you clean your home or how often you brush your dog or cat, little tumbleweeds of hair collect all over the house. While vacuuming daily is undoubtedly one of the bet ways to minimize mess in your home, there are tons of gadgets online that can help you tackle little messes as they occur like the Ace2Ace Pet Hair Remover.

Ace2Ace Pet Hair Remover

Ace2Ace Pet Hair Remover - Amazon.
Ace2Ace Pet Hair Remover - Amazon.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $24 (originally $28)

What is it?

The Ace2Ace roller removes pet hair in snap with quick back and forth strokes over furniture, clothing and blankets. The roller contains a reusable brush that traps pet hair into a catchment chamber that you open and empty with the press of a button.

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What people are saying

The Pet Hair Remover roller provides an easy and fast option for pet owners to remove hair from furniture without reaching for the vacuum which can be cumbersome. The roller has earned more than 23,000 customer reviews and a 4.4-star rating from Amazon shoppers who call Ace2Ace's roller an "easy to use" product that "works like a charm."

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In a review to Amazon, one customer wrote that the roller helped remove pet hair from their two cats to help keep their furniture clean. "Not a hair gets left behind," they wrote, adding that they've used the roller on upholstered furniture and even bed linen.

Ace2Ace Pet Hair Roller - Amazon.
Ace2Ace Pet Hair Roller - Amazon.

"Brilliant contraption," another said, calling the roller a great way to remove pet hair from clothes.

"One cushion is cleaned within 30 seconds," an Amazon shopper said of the roller.

While the reviews for the Ace2Ace roller are overwhelmingly positive, there have been some complaints from shoppers. One complaint online was that the release button to empty the compartment that collects hair is close to the base of the roller, which can be pushed accidentally while in use.

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Another thing to consider is that while the roller does collect a "majority" of pet hair, some shoppers cautioned pet owners to manage their expectations. Pet hair can be picked up, but any dander might be left behind, which means you might have to vacuum your furniture if you have anyone with allergies in your home.


If you constantly struggle with sticky lint rollers or reach for the vacuum to tackle pet hair on furniture, the Ace2Ace roller might be for you. Keeping one in your home or your vehicle is great for those last minute situations where you need to clean your space in a hurry.

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