Green thumbs are loving Amazon's top-rated $20 moisture meter: 'Makes it easier to care for my plants!'

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Amazon shoppers are loving the Xlux Soil Moisture Sensor. Image via Amazon.
Amazon shoppers are loving the Xlux Soil Moisture Sensor. Image via Amazon.

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Unless you’ve been gifted with a green thumb, it can often feel like a challenge keeping your garden looking its best. Between harsh winters and humid summers, Canadian elements also make it difficult to ensure that your plants stay healthy year-round.

Garden tools like the Xlux Soil Moisture Sensor offer a way to know for sure that your plants are healthy and well cared-for, whether they’re indoors or kept outside. This top-rated device also rings in at just $20, so it’s an affordable gadget that’s sure to get plenty of use.

Xlux Soil Moisture Sensor

Xlux Soil Moisture Sensor. Image via Amazon.
Xlux Soil Moisture Sensor. Image via Amazon.

How does it work?

The Xlux Soil Moisture Sensor is a high quality moisture-sensing probe that works on both indoor and outdoor plants. With a large and clear dial that measures moisture levels on a scale of one to ten, you simply need to insert the probe into the soil down to the plants’ roots and wait for the gauge to settle.

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Depending on the size of your planters or garden beds, you can choose from either a 26 cm or a 40 cm probe to get a better read on your soil’s moisture levels. The different depths of the probes are particularly important in avoiding over-watering your plants if they’re in deep planters, where the surface of the soil can appear dry while the roots are still plenty moist.

What shoppers say about it

In case you’re wondering whether the Xlux Soil Moisture Sensor actually lives up to its claims, according to Amazon shoppers, it’s well worth the investment. It’s been called a “great tool” that “works well” despite its simple interface.

So far the soil sensor has earned a 4.2-star rating from more than 3,100 customer reviews, with value for money being the main draw.

“First of all, for the price it is definitely worth it. I went with this simple non digital moisture reader at a friend's suggestion and glad I did. In deeper planters it works very well, as it goes deeper into the soil it shows different levels of moisture. I would recommend,” said one five-star reviewer.

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The compact size of this moisture sensor also makes it a great choice for plant lovers in small spaces, since it can easily be stored away when not in use.

“Since I have many plants, this little tool helps me keep them all alive. I like that it's small and can be stored out of the way no problem. The box also has a list on the side telling you how moist the soil of your plant should be by name. Makes it easier to care for my plants!” noted one reviewer.


Amazon shoppers have noted that the Xlux Soil Moisture Sensor can be quite sensitive, so you'll want to make sure that you're not too rough with it. That includes avoiding getting it wet, wiping it down after every use, and trying not to drop the sensor. 

If you stick with these few tips recommended by the manufacturer and reviewers, you and your plants are sure to enjoy this affordable gadget. 

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