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This Amazon cordless mini vacuum will keep your car looking spotless & it's under $40

And it's foldable, so you can easily keep it on hand for messy emergencies.

This cordless car vacuum will suck up crumbs, pet hair, and debris from your vehicle. (Photos via Amazon)
This cordless car vacuum will suck up crumbs, pet hair, and debris from your vehicle. (Photos via Amazon)

Cleaning your car can be a real hassle, only for it to get dirty *almost* immediately. And don't get me started on the seemingly unreachable nooks and crannies.

Thankfully, Amazon sure knows how to come through with superhero products. This Cordless Car Vacuum is a dirt-demolishing machine despite its compact size — it's certainly small but mighty.

Not only can you use it in vehicles, but it can also tackle sofas, beds and other tight spots that regular vacuums can't quite reach.

The icing on the cake is that it's under $40 on Amazon Canada. Yup, at just $36, this little gem definitely deserves a spot in your cart.

Cordless Car Vacuum

Cordless Car Vacuum (Photo via Amazon)
Cordless Car Vacuum (Photo via Amazon)

$36 at Amazon

The details

This portable vacuum packs a punch — it features strong suction power, an LED light and three interchangeable attachments to tackle different surfaces.

It comes with a brush extension for bumpy areas, a long-mouthed tip for tight crevices and a wider nozzle for flat surfaces.

This lil' vacuum can run for up to 30 minutes on a single quick charge. It'll take about three hours to fully juice it up, and all it requires is a Type C cable and a USB port.

Being compact and cordless, it's the perfect car companion that won't take up too much space. It's ideal for road trips with messy snacks and rides with furry friends.

Keep the crumbs out of your sofa and that "dirty-car feeling" at bay with this versatile Cordless Car Vacuum.

This Cordless Car Vacuum will keep your car looking spick-and-span.

$36 at Amazon

What people are saying

This vacuum cleaner has a 4-star rating on Amazon Canada, so let's see what people have to say about it, shall we?

One reviewer says, "It's powerful," and added that it's "easy to store in [a] vehicle with [the] travel bag [included]."

Another shared, "I like that it's cordless and small enough to get into tight corners of my car." Others say they use it on keyboards, pianos and window sills, and someone said, "It can be used to clean large stains," too.

An important note that one customer stated was that it's "quieter than most handheld vacuums."

While customers love the practicality and versatility of this Cordless Car Vacuum, one shopper mentioned that "you have to empty the canister a bunch [of times]" and added, "I was not expecting it to be that tiny."

This Cordless Car Vacuum can also be used in your home on couches, tight corners and more.

$36 at Amazon

The verdict

This handy little Amazon car vacuum offers a great helping hand if you want to maintain your car's cleanliness. It's portable, you can use it in small areas of your house and it won't occupy much space.

It has many winning features, but remember that it's tiny! You'll probably want to search elsewhere if you're looking for something with a bigger canister.

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