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The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this Monday — save up to 70%

There's a little of everything on sale today! (Photo: Amazon)
There's a little of everything on sale today! (Photo: Amazon)

Ready to start your week with a slew of savings? Our team has scoured the mega-retailer's site to put together a handy rundown of today's top sales for you. So what are they? Well, you can score Amazon's No. 1 bestselling Dutch oven for over 35% off. Or how about a fan-favorite winter coat at a $40 discount? Maybe a massively popular pillow for over 70% off? There's a lot to explore. Let's have a closer look at these stellar Amazon bargains, shall we?

Hear us now, believe us later: 15 pounds of swaddling pressure is just what you needed to send you off to dreamland.
$30 at Amazon

If you have trouble sleeping, people swear by the powers of a weighted blanket to ease them into a restful slumber. This one uses glass beads with quilting to prevent it from getting lopsided. More than 7,000 Amazon shoppers rave about it.

"I've really noticed a difference in my sleep quality with this," shared a five-star fan. "I drop off right away even when I'm thinking about something. And the material has held up very well, even though I treat it a little roughly. I haven't put it through the wash, though — I just use it over a sheet or other blanket."

This 17-piece set includes 13 knives, kitchen scissors, peeler, a premium quality two-stage knife sharpener and a stylish stand.
Save $35 with coupon
$35 at Amazon

Looking for sharp knives? The blades on these are made with stainless steel for durability, which means they can stay super sharp if you maintain them. That's easy to do with this set — it comes with a sharpener! This set is also a No. 1 bestseller with over 29,000 five-star ratings.

"The carving blade made quick work of my flank steak (for Mongolian beef)," wrote a happy home cook. "And there's that good ol' chef's blade slicing and then cubing my watermelon (for my handmade fruit salad). Plus! The knife sharpener. Amazingly, I didn't already have one. I immediately used it on a couple of my old knives, and the little tool worked smoothly and crisply."

These pillows are made with super plush hollow fiber, making them soft yet firm for the right support you need for sleeping. Cozsinoor = a cozy snore!
Save $72 with 5% coupon
$28 at Amazon

Time for a pillow refresh? You can't beat the deal on this super-comfy, super-popular pillow. It's made with special hollow fiber for the ultimate support while being comfortably soft. More than 1,200 sleepyheads have roused themselves long enough to pen perfect five-star ratings.

"Bought it for my girlfriend, as she hates flat pillows," shared a rave reviewer. "Had this for about three weeks and feels like a new pillow every night. Pilllow always goes back to its original shape. Soft enough to sink in and firm enough to keep your head afloat."

Even the most Graceless Karens will be chillaxed and cozy in this parka. Available in 27 different colors and patterns.
$50 at Amazon

It's chilly out there, and you need a coat that can stand up to all that Mother Nature is dishing out this winter. Enter the Grace Karin Fleece Parka. This popular coat has a faux fur lined hood and a fleece lining ensuring you'll stay warm and dry wherever you go. Over 3,600 five-star fans give it a thumbs-up.

"This coat is exactly what I was hoping for," shared a one of them. "The hood is so soft and warm I don’t need to wear a hat when I have it on. I walked 20 minutes in negative-degree weather and wind, and this coat kept me comfortably warm."

Bake, boil, broil, roast, simmer and stew — from beginner cooks to expert chefs, this No. 1 bestselling Dutch oven is a kitchen essential for cooks of all levels.
$55 at Amazon

If your kitchen isn't equipped with a Dutch oven, consider it your duty to get this one. At $55 (was $87) the 1.5-quart Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a steal. This little workhorse does it all — from marinating and refrigerating to cooking and serving. It's no wonder the No. 1 bestseller has over 35,000 five-star fans.

"I had been wanting an enameled cast iron Dutch oven for a while now, but the Le Creuset brands are in the $400–$500 range," shared a rave reviewer. "I have many other Lodge cast iron skillets and pots, and wanted to give this a try, and I'm so glad I did. I love this Dutch oven. It's heat distro is wonderful, and it's a cinch to clean up. This was what was missing from kitchen, and I'm thrilled with my purchase."

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