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This Amazon gadget is a 'must-have for the laundry room' — and it's only $13

The KTCEFE Laundry Detergent Cup Holder is winning over Amazon shoppers.
The KTCEFE Laundry Detergent Cup Holder is winning over Amazon shoppers.

When it comes to affordable household gadgets you never knew you needed, it's tough to beat Amazon's selection.

I've personally found success with closet organizers, drain catchers and travel essentials (to name just a few), but one gadget has been quickly winning over shoppers: the KTCEFE Laundry Detergent Cup Holder.

This inexpensive laundry accessory has been called a "must-have" item, and has surged in popularity online. It currently sits on top of Amazon Canada's list of household Movers & Shakers, as sales have climbed more than 11,000 per cent this week.

KTCEFE Laundry Detergent Cup Holder

KTCEFE Laundry Detergent Cup Holder. Image via Amazon.
KTCEFE Laundry Detergent Cup Holder. Image via Amazon.

$13 at Amazon

As anyone who has struggled with spilling laundry detergent knows, it can be easy to make a mess when portioning out the right amount of detergent. For a deceptively simple solution to this common household problem, look to the KTCEFE Laundry Detergent Cup Holder.

It attaches onto most value-sized liquid detergent and fabric softener container spouts. Simply snap the two pieces into place, and attach the cup holder to the container. Since it's made to sit directly under the detergent spout, it's easy to capture the laundry liquid as it flows out.

The detachable holder provides a convenient place to rest the laundry detergent cup, and also catches any excess drips. It's easy to clean too, since it can be disassembled whenever it needs to be washed.

'No more wiping up drips!'

Amazon shoppers have been loving this "practical and efficient" gadget, noting that it "fills a need" when dealing with dripping laundry detergent. It also "cuts down on mess or heavy lifting" when pouring from the bottles.

"This is a must-have for the laundry room," reads one review.

With a 4.6-star average review, it's clear that shoppers are loving the KTCEFE Laundry Detergent Cup Holder. Reviewers have shared that it is easy to assemble and to attach onto the laundry containers, and have praised them for being "durable" and "sturdy."

"The catchers were a snap (literally) to assemble," shared one reviewer.

'Easy and simple to use'

"Easy and simple to use," added another who said that they were "satisfied."

According to shoppers, the only downside when using these cup holders is that they can sometimes get in the way depending on where you store your laundry detergent.

If you have a dedicated shelf for laundry supplies, you shouldn't have any issues. For those who keep their detergent on top of the washer or dryer, some reviewers found that the cup holder overhangs in front of your machine's buttons.

If you're considering adding this laundry gadget to your home, you can shop it for $13 for a single cup holder, or snag a two-pack for your laundry detergent and fabric softener for $15.

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