Amazon quarantine must-haves: 7 products YouTubers (and shoppers) swear by

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An air fryer, like this affordable one from Utopia, is just one Amazon must-have shoppers and YouTubers swear by.
An air fryer, like this affordable one from Utopia, is just one Amazon must-have shoppers and YouTubers swear by.

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When the coronavirus pandemic hit earlier this year, many people rushed out to buy toilet paper and Lysol wipes — but now we realize we need much more than that.

Since staying inside is necessary to fight the spread of COVID-19, many YouTubers and social media influencers have shared their quarantine must-have products from Amazon to help stay productive and remain entertained amid the pandemic.

From streaming services to kitchen products and hacks for working at home, we’ve rounded up seven recommended products that will make lockdown life a bit easier that are also backed up by great reviews.

Adjustable laptop table

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Since many people can no longer rely on their office desk anymore, the laptop table is a cheaper alternative and is perfect for spaces that don’t have room for a full-sized desk. This desk is easy to store away when you’re not using it anymore by folding it flat. This product is a multifunctional workstation that can be used as a standing desk, a TV tray for snacking, a stand for your laptop while relaxing in bed or a book/tablet stand.

YouTuber Annika Helmer suggested buying a laptop desk because it would be “a very useful purchase for people working from home.”

One Amazon customer said that the product is “very useful” and added that “you can move with you where and when you need it.”

Another buyer who reviewed the product wrote, “Very happy with the product. Locking mechanism to adjust the height is a bit weak but other than that it does the job.”

SHOP IT: Amazon, $70

Cellphone holder with ring light

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

This cellphone holder is perfect for all of those Zoom meetings and video calls with friends. The last thing many people want to do is a Zoom happy hour in the same spot they’ve been working in all day but with this cellphone holder, you can clip it to any surface. The ring light comes with 10 adjustable brightness settings and three colours of LED lights to make sure to brighten your video quality.

YouTuber Sarah Grace suggested purchasing a cellphone holder to watch Netflix on your phone while lounging in bedroom by clipping the product to the side of your bed or side table.

“Excellent! Using it right now as a lamp for work. Also used it to make social media videos,” one Amazon customer wrote in their five-star review.

Another Amazon user said they “use this product all the time for live streaming and making videos for my business. The light is amazing, with multiple settings for brightness and blue or yellow light.”

“It's amazingly flexible, so you can easily adjust the position of the phone as well as the light,” the customer added.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $25

Blue light glasses

Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasse
Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasse

Since one of the most important ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is to remain at home, this has led to increased use of digital devices and screen time for recreation and work. To avoid unnecessary digital eyestrain while at home, invest in some blue light glasses. The lens filters out high-energy visible (HEV) light, which is emitted from practically every digital screen. These lenses can neutralize the blue light and limit irritation and potential damage to your eyes.

YouTuber Avrie Welton said she has three pairs of blue light glasses and said that they “take the strain off of your eyes and you have fewer migraines.”

“These glasses are great for anyone who spends a lot of time on screens! They helped a lot with reducing headaches and eyestrain. Would recommend!” one customer wrote in their Amazon review.

Another customer said that the glasses were “definitely worth the price” and that the “blue light filtering is really good.”

SHOP IT: Amazon, $28

Roku Premiere | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Media Player

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

The Roku Premiere is the perfect item to make streaming your favourite shows and movies at home easy and affordable. Users can access all of their preferred content from one remote. From reality TV shows to award-winning Netflix series , Roku has an endless selection of entertainment. You can catch up on HBO shows through paid content on-demand from Crave, Prime Video and more.

YouTuber Jaclyn Forbes said that she’s “obsessed with using my Roku to stream my favourite TV shows and channels.”

A recent purchaser wrote, “Well worth it. Was easy to set up. And the picture quality is great. I’m definitely going to buy more for other not so smart TVs in my house.”

Another user gave the Roku Premiere a five-star rating and called it a “great product,” adding that it’s “easy to set up, easy to use and a great little device.”

SHOP IT: Amazon, $50

Mini fridge for skincare

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

If you don’t feel comfortable going to the spa or salons yet, you can use this fridge for a unique skincare experience instead. Store sheet masks, creams, beauty tools and much more in this fridge to take your skincare routine to the next level. This fridge can also be used to store food, drinks and much more.

YouTuber Mayra Touch of Glam said she bought one because she “didn’t want to mix my food with my skincare” and she loves putting her products on “because they’re so cold.”

“This is such a beautiful mini-fridge. Fits a lot of my skincare products. Plan on getting one for my daughter. Love it,” an Amazon customer wrote.

Another customer said, “This little cooler (mini ‘fridge’ but not really a refrigerator) is a wonderful addition to a guest room where guests can have a couple of cool drinks and/or cream for their morning coffee/tea without having to leave their room! It keeps things perfectly cold.”

SHOP IT: Amazon, from $54

Peach Bands resistance bands set

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Stay in shape without stepping into the gym by investing in some at-home workout equipment. With some gyms re-opening, many people are skeptical of returning but these glute activating resistance bands are a leg day essential. This set comes with 4 latex resistance bands with increasing levels of resistance from 10 lbs-30 lbs that will intensify any lower body exercise.

YouTuber Nathalie Muñoz said she bought the bands because they’re perfect for “squats or arm workouts.”

“I bought these to start a new challenge to work out and stay healthy,” one happy customer wrote. “I am happy that these bands give me a cost-effective way to work out in the comfort of my own home and they come in cute colours with a cute storing bag too.”

Another customer said that the bands are “used for leg exercises” and liked the colours. They added that the storage pouch “is handy” but warned that they do not like that the bands “roll and clump up around your legs.”

SHOP IT: Amazon, $23

Air fryer

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

If you want that fried food taste but you’re not comfortable going to a restaurant yet (or if you don’t love the amount of oil used for traditional fried food), an air fryer is just the thing you need. This kitchen appliance circulates hot dry air to leave your food tasting fried without all that extra grease. This air fryer also comes with a cookbook with more than 50 recipes you can create using the product.

YouTuber Remi Ashten said that air fryers are the “superior way to cook” and added that she also reheats all of her leftovers in it.

An Amazon customer called the product “a must-have,” and wrote, “Had unexpected guests for dinner, took frozen food and was able to roast and serve in 20 minutes!” They added that it is a “healthier way to cook, super-fast, good taste” and that the “unit is less expensive but works just as good as other models.”

“Food is easily cooked, flavour and less oil, healthy cooking, easy to clean,” another customer added.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $74

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