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Amazon sale bundles the Echo speaker with a smart light bulb for only $65

This is 40 percent off and nearly matches a record low.


The fourth-gen Amazon Echo smart speaker in white is on sale for $65, and the deal includes a Sengled Bluetooth smart light bulb. That’s two smart thingamajigs for the price of one. This is a discount of 40 percent. It’s not the lowest price ever for the Echo speaker, light bulb or not, but it’s close.

This Echo easily made our list of the best smart speakers. We really appreciate just how loud this thing can get, especially when compared to competing speakers. The bass is punchy and everything sounds great, though we do wish the high frequency range was a bit more prevalent. You can, however, buy two of these speakers and pair them up for stereo sound. That will certainly get the party going.

Echo speakers feature the ubiquitous digital assistant Alexa, which makes for a mighty fine alarm clock and will absolutely sing a song about cats if asked nicely. If you have plenty of smart gadgets in the home and you’re already tied to Amazon's ecosystem, grabbing this speaker is a no brainer.

The included Sengled S1 is also no slouch, as it made our list of the best smart LED light bulbs. It features auto-pairing with Alexa devices, plenty of different colors and a dimmable range from 5 percent to 100 percent. All of this can be adjusted via voice control. We enjoyed our time with this light bulb, though the Sengled mobile app won’t be winning any UI design awards.

This is part of a larger sale on Amazon that includes Echo speakers, Echo Show displays, Blink video doorbells, Fire tablets and a whole lot more. For instance, the cute-as-a-button Echo Pop compact smart speaker is on sale for just $20, which is 50 percent off.

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