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'You shouldn't be disgusted when you take a shower': This bestselling liner is down to $10 (that's 50% off)

Aside from those who insist on baths only, most of us take showers. It's such a regular part of life that it's easy to forget the accessories making our lather-up, rinse-down routine possible. When it comes to our shower curtain liners, more often than not, we don't think to change them until it's obvious — from a mildewy smell or the emergence of a gross brown-gray-green film around the base. That's when you need to bring in the LiBa PEVA 8G Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner — and it's on sale for just $10.

Made of eco-friendly PEVA material, this liner is designed to keep your shower fresh and mildew-free. Metal grommets and a trio of magnets ensure that it will install quickly, slide like a breeze and stay put when you need it to.

$12 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Amazon slashed the price of this stalwart gunk shield from $20 — that's 50% off — making it the lowest price it's been in months. (Oh, and you can add a new set of shower hooks to secure it.) Not only does this liner not bring out the funk, but it's pretty enough to be used on its own. How many shower curtain liners can you say that about?

Why do I need this?

This 72-by-72-inch liner is large enough to accommodate just about any shower setup, with a magnetized base ensuring that it stays snug against the sides of most tubs. It's made of environmentally agreeable PEVA material that has nary a trace of chlorine or PVC, which means you won't get assaulted by a waft of plastic-y odor when you take it out of the package.

It is, of course, waterproof and formulated to foster bead formation and quick H2O roll-off (less lingering water means less mildew). A reinforced header and metal grommets ensure that it will slide smoothly across your shower rod and stay secure.

Blank white closed shower curtain in a modern bathroom.
The LiBa liner can take the place of a fancy outer shower curtain, even in a designer bathroom. (Photo: Getty Images)

What reviewers say:

With all that going for it, no wonder more than 175,000 Amazon reviewers have bestowed a five-star rating on this curtain. This one admired its Goldilocks-perfect weight: "Not too thick that it's hard to move around and not too thin that it creeps up on you in the shower." Meanwhile, this shopper revealed, "Hanging this new shower curtain with hooks was challenging, but at least this curtain had no chemical smell. And it repels the water great."

Captain Obvious also sang its praises. "You shouldn't be disgusted when you take a shower," they opined, adding: "I allowed my previous shower curtain to accumulate mildew and soap film until it was physically revolting to take a shower ... A few weeks back I purchased this item, and enthusiastically hung it in my tub ... after several weeks the LiBa is just as clear, clean and fresh as the day it was hung."

"My husband liked it so much he requested that we use this curtain in the future," said this repeat customer. "It really is anti-bacterial and very easy to rinse off. It has held up well without tearing at hooks. I really like the magnets and how easily this curtain sheds water. Also, there was no gassing off when the curtain is new."

"The clear one is amazing and lasts a really long time," shared another happy shopper. "The only drawback of the clear one is that it is pretty stiff. That causes the holes to pop out of the shower curtain rings, but that's partly our fault to having the hook kind and not the kind that closes completely."

Snap up a new shower curtain liner for half off while you still can.

More than 159,000 reviewers have given this durable liner a perfect five-star rating.

$12 at Amazon

You can also grab these handy shower curtain rings to elevate your new shower liner. LiBa's hooks come in a heavy-duty stainless steel (set of 12) that doesn't rust or weigh down your curtains. They are also a breeze to install — just squeeze to open the clamp and loop your curtain around it. And you know that loud, obnoxious grinding sound that some shower hooks make? These glide quietly — a win.

They come complete with fancy stainless steel beads on top.

$7 at Amazon

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