This shoe stretching treatment works while you walk — and it's less than $10

Kedean Smith
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Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

So, you’ve found the perfect pair of shoes, but they’re a half size too small — and somehow the salesperson has convinced you that they will stretch after a couple wears. We’ve all found ourselves in this scenario at one point or another. And while it’s true that some shoes naturally stretch with wear, the vast majority may need some assistance from stretching tools. Enter Moneysworth & Best Shoe Stretch Liquid Formula.

Moneysworth & Best Shoe Stretch Liquid Formula

Moneysworth & Best Shoe Stretch Liquid Formula (Photo via Amazon)
Moneysworth & Best Shoe Stretch Liquid Formula (Photo via Amazon)

SHOP IT: Amazon, $9.68 (regular $16.50)

What is it?

In terms of shoe stretching methods, most of us are used to a stretching tool that is placed directly into the shoe, and others use old school methods such as stuffing rolled up socks into a shoe overnight. Both methods work, but this liquid shoe stretcher, which is currently on sale for just $9.68 on Amazon (that’s a whopping 42% off) allows you to wear the shoe while it’s being stretched, without the downtime of having to wait.

The liquid formula can be safely used on leathers, and contains a special ingredient that prevents mildew growth. Gone are the days where you had to leave shoes overnight with a stretching tool, now you can permanently stretch shoes while you walk by applying the liquid inside the shoe.

The liquid works to permanently soften and stretch leathers to eliminate painful pressure points. Making it easy to wear your newest shoes to the office party, without having to hobble around in pain after an hour. The stretch liquid comes in a squeeze bottle for easy use.

What shoppers are saying

With a four-star rating from more than 400 reviewers, most shoppers say they’ve had a positive experience with this product.

“I have used this product for many years, and so did my mother before me. It stretches leather shoes out to give you a perfect fit. I have used it on heavy, thick leather boots, and on fine, dainty, Italian leather heels,” raves one reviewer. “It works great on both and everything in between. Can be used with wooden shoe stretchers, but I find the best method is to squirt the liquid into the inside of the shoe in the area needing stretching, then put the damp shoes on and wear them around the house for a bit until they have stretched out in exactly the places you need. One bottle will last you for years.”

Another reviewer says they “have used this product for years, it really works.”

However, while the reviews have been mostly positive, a few warn against using the liquid on suede as it may discolour that type of material.

The verdict

Most of the more-than 400 reviews are positive — and at less than $10 per bottle, there’s not much to lose when it comes to giving this a try. However, if you’re looking to stretch suede or light-coloured leather,r you may want to opt for a different treatment tot avoid staining.