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Amazon shoppers love these 'stylish' headphones — and they're on sale for under $70

Shoppers say they have "great sound for the price!"

the Amazon headphones on a stand
These Amazon headphones are a $65 dupe for the AirPods Max. (Photo via Amazon)

In my opinion, over-ear headphones are a must-have for WFH life and working out — at least for me. They help me stay focused in meetings and amplify my tunes so I can jam out without any disruptions. However, finding the perfect pair can be tricky. The Apple AirPods Max have always intrigued me, but I've yet to bite the bullet on their steep price point, especially when I know there are great alternatives on the market. Lately, shoppers have been loving the NiceComfort 95 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones on Amazon Canada. They have lots of good things to say, and IDK about you, but I'm curious. At their current sale price of $65, they're hard to pass up.

Keep scrolling to find out why you might just need these stylish bad boys in your life.

Why they're a good deal

These AirPods Max dupes come equipped with active noise-cancelling abilities to block out 95 per cent of the noise around you — from busy offices to crowded coffee shops. It'll make your listening experience super chill while keeping you ultra-focused.

They also have a transparency mode for when you need to tune back into your surroundings (like on late-night walks or during conversations).

And you can wear them for hours with ease since they're lightweight, super sleek and comfy thanks to their memory foam pads.

With 65 hours of battery life and quick-charging magic, these Bluetooth headphones are totally reliable for road trips and long nights.

Plus, they have a stable connection for up to 50 feet away and come with an audio cable if needed.

What others are saying

⭐️ 4.2/5 stars

💬 1,300+ ratings

🏆 "Super stylish & great sound for the price! 🎧"

Amazon shoppers are raving about these "stylish" headphones. One customer has had them for 3.5 months and said they've "had to charge these only [four] times now!" They said they'd "put down an extra dozen stars" for battery life if they could.

Another customer said, "They look exactly like the Apple headphones," adding that they have "great sound quality" and "definite noise cancellation."

"They're so comfortable to wear," said another reviewer. "They don't lose connection[,] and the battery lasts a while," someone else added.

However, keep in mind that people have reported sound leakage: "bits of sound [tend] to leak if played at higher volumes."

The final verdict

If you aren't interested in purchasing the highest quality headphones on the market (AKA AirPods Max), then these will be a great budget-friendly option for you. They look chic and polished, and they deliver good sound quality for the price.

At their sale price of just $65, these are totally worth adding to your Amazon cart. However, keep in mind that if you blast your tunes really loud, you might experience sound bleeding.

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