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Amazon shoppers love this small, compact treadmill — and it's on sale for the lowest price it's ever been

If your New Year's resolution to walk more feels like it's getting derailed by sub-freezing temps, you're not alone. Sure, you could bundle up, but a lot of Amazon shoppers skip the outdoors altogether and get their steps in from the comfort of their homes. Their trick: Amazon's bestselling Sperax Walking Pad.

Whether you live in a small space or you don't want a bulky cardio machine hogging your living room, a compact treadmill like this one is a terrific option for boosting your daily step count. You can walk while you watch your favorite show, take in a true-crime podcast or listen to some tunes. Some TikTokkers even place theirs under a standing desk and walk while they work. Movement is movement, and it's all healthy.

Lucky for you, the Sperax Walking Pad is on mega sale right now.

Fitness made easy: Hit your 10,000-steps-a-day mark anytime and just about anywhere.

Save $120 with coupon
$180 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

The Sperax Walking Pad is 33% off, which would already be a great deal. But Amazon is offering an additional $20 off if you check the coupon box on the product page before purchasing. That brings the price down to a very attractive $180. According to our research, this is the lowest price this treadmill has ever sold for.

Why do I need this?

The Sperax Walking pad is Amazon's No. 1 bestselling compact treadmill. It's only 4.6 inches high and 48 inches long, so you can slide it under your sofa or bed when you're not using it. It's also only 40 pounds, which is light enough that you can probably pull it out on your own but just heavy enough that you might sweat a little while doing so.

Keep in mind, this is really meant for walking, not jogging or running. It only goes up to about 3.8 mph, and it doesn't have handlebars to hold on to. You choose the speed with the included remote control, while an LED display on the top of the tread shows your speed, distance, time and even calories burned in real time. Also great: It has an anti-slip belt and a strong damping system so you won't make too much noise.

Walking is a great workout for your physical and mental health. While there are the obvious benefits of exercise, according to a study published in Health Promotion Perspectives in 2018, people who briskly walked for about 10 minutes per day found that their mood improved. And according to an article published by Harvard Health, walking for just 20 minutes a day, five days a week, could boost your immune system.

white woman with dark hair walking on a treadmill
Strut into 2024 knowing you're keeping your fitness goals and scoring a stellar deal in the process. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Of course, being the bestselling treadmill on Amazon comes with some seriously good reviews. More than 1,900 customers have given it five out of five stars.

"I love my walking pad!" gushed one gaga Amazon reviewer. "I normally would get about 2,000 steps daily, since I sit at a desk all day. Since I’ve got this walking pad, I’ve been hitting my 10K step goal EVERY DAY! I feel better and even dropped a few pounds. Do yourself a favor and get one."

Get a load of this multitasker: "I turned my workstation into a fitness space with a lift-up desk and this treadmill. I have walked an hour a day since receiving it and lost three pounds in the first week."

"Excellent addition to my home office," shared another happy shopper. "Here's why I love it: The walking pad is slim and [the] design is perfect for my home office. It doesn't take up much space when not in use, and I can easily store it away. Setting up the walking pad was a breeze. I appreciate the simplicity of the controls making it user-friendly for all fitness levels. One of the standout features is how quietly it operates. I can walk without disturbing others in the house."

However, one thing to reiterate is that the walking pad is only 48 inches long, and the actual walking belt is about 40 inches. If you're tall, you may have to shorten your stride depending on your speed.

One reviewer explained: "I guess I have a much longer stride than others. If I try to walk at my normal speed, 3.6 mph, I'm constantly stepping on the front rail and feeling the back roller on the back stride. I can still walk at that speed, but each stride has to be exact. It's fine if I drop it to 3.2 mph. But most of the time I'm using my laptop so it drops to 2.0 mph. No problem there."

All things considered, it's a great little machine. When it's too cold to go outside or you just can't step away from your desk, the Sperax Walking Pad is a good option for getting your stride on.

Need some support while you get your steps in? Sperax offers an option with a handlebar. This version of the treadmill can reach up to 6.2 mph. 

Save $205 with coupon
$255 at Amazon

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