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Amazon's May the 4th sale includes a 'Mandalorian' Echo Dot

You'll also find plenty of discounts for Star Wars Lego sets.


Amazon is running a Star Wars sale to capitalize on May the 4th, and that includes bargains on themed tech. The retailer is offering a bundle that combines the fifth-generation Echo Dot with a The Mandalorian Grogu stand for $55, or $23 off. This deal applies regardless of color, and you can buy the Echo Dot with clock for $65 with a similar discount. You won't have to pay a significant premium if you want "baby Yoda" in your kid's room or are eager to flaunt your fandom. The sale also includes a section dedicated to Star Wars collectibles, including Lego sets, figurines and books.

Amazon's Star Wars-themed smart speaker bundle is down to a low price.
$55 at Amazon

The latest-generation Echo Dot remains our favorite budget smart speaker for a good reason: it delivers far more than you'd expect for the price. The sound is surprisingly loud and vivid, and it includes both a 3.5mm output jack and Bluetooth support — you can use it to enhance a beloved stereo system or play any audio from your phone. Add robust support for media services (including Apple Music and Spotify) and it's a reliable choice for a nightstand or the kitchen.

The Echo Dot isn't as compact as Google's Nest Mini, and you'll still get more powerful sound rom the regular Echo, Nest Audio or Apple's HomePod mini. And if you don't like Alexa, you'll want to look elsewhere. Overall, though, this is the best speaker for many people — whether or not you're a Star Wars fan.

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