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Amazon's No. 1 bestselling veggie chopper — down to $20 (more than 30% off) — is a 'major time-saver'

For something as pedestrian as a vegetable chopper to attract a cult-like following, it's got to be doing something right. The No. 1 bestselling Fullstar 4-In-1 Vegetable Chopper has amassed tens of thousands of perfect ratings from Amazon shoppers. Unlike those models where you have to keep pulling a string to slice your veggies into oblivion, this gizmo gives you a uniform dice in one fell swoop. Plus, it comes with four interchangeable blades in case you want to switch up the shape of your produce, endearing it to shoppers — and, well, us — all the more. Also endearing? It's marked down on Amazon, so if you've resolved to eat more veggies in 2024, here's an easy way to make it happen.

It's anyone's guess how that run-3-miles-a-day resolution will turn out, but here's an easy, affordable boost toward your eat-more-veggies pledge.

Save $10 with coupon
$20 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

According to our price trackers, this chopper hasn't dipped lower in years, so you know you're getting it at a good time — it's more than 30% off for Prime members who use the on-page coupon. Plus, the amount of time and effort it'll save you? Priceless.

Why do I need this?

Even those of us who love cooking don't feel like chopping vegetables every now and then — and others absolutely detest it. With the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper, what used to take a considerable amount of time now takes seconds.

Place your vegetable of choice over one of the dice blades fitted to the chopper (it comes with one large, one small), press the lever down, and bam: You'll have perfectly cubed produce that falls right into the attached storage container, keeping messes off your counter. You'll want to make sure your vegetable is trimmed small enough to fit over the blade, but that's so much easier than having to cut up the entire thing. (Oh, and if you're prone to sobbing whenever you cut an onion, this will spare you!)

In addition to a dicing blade, the Fullstar comes with spiral and ribbon blades (zoodles, anyone?) and there's a finger guard to help protect against painful nicks and cuts. Speaking of pain, this chopper is a great option for anyone with arthritis or weak hands because it takes much of the effort out of slicing and dicing. The soft-grip handle and nonslip base also offer more stability.

Cleaning is easy: The chopper can be disassembled and placed on the top rack of your dishwasher. You'll also get a cleaning brush and two cleaning scrapers to help scrub residue from the corners of the blades, but use caution — they're sharper than they look.

someone using the fullstar veggie chopper to cut up an onion
We see more salads, soups and salsas in your future thanks to this time- and energy-saving veggie chopper. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Almost 78,000 Amazon customers are smitten with their Fullstar Vegetable Choppers.

"Impressive!" said one happy home cook. "It makes chopping up small veggies like baby carrots, onions and celery a breeze! I'm a senior now with arthritis, and this really helps speed things up in the kitchen while giving my achy hands and fingers a break from the rigors of manually chopping up everything."

"Where have you been all my life?" mused another satisfied shopper. "I HATE chopping fruit and vegetables, but I like to make my own food ... I am so impressed with the performance. I chopped 1.5 pounds of carrots, one apple and one small onion in no time for ginger carrot soup ... I was eating that soup by the time it would have normally taken to chop all those ingredients by hand."

"This little guy is a champ!" gushed a final fan. "Cuts through peppers, onions, tomatoes, even peaches beautifully! It's a major time-saver in the kitchen during canning season ... My only complaint is it is not super easy to clean, and the blades are extremely sharp, so you need to be careful. If you clean it immediately after use with a spray faucet and use the brush that comes with it, it certainly helps."

You can also get the chopper in gray/green or this sleek black.

Save $10 with coupon
$20 at Amazon

How 'bout some freshly minced garlic to go with that pasta primavera? Amazon shoppers love this rolling Chef'n GarlicZoom:

If garlic is a staple in your house, you'll use this all the time — not only does it make easy work of chopping up multiple cloves at a time, it'll also help prevent smelly fingers.

"So far, I have really enjoyed using this handy little tool," wrote a satisfied user. "With its sturdy design, it's proven to be quite the workhorse in my kitchen. The compact size is a real space-saver, fitting snugly within my cluttered drawers. The best part? It's remarkably easy to use. No more wrestling with awkward tools or worrying about nicking my fingers."

Save $3 with coupon
$14 at Amazon

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